1. Dafne is a truly talented young woman, and I wish her the best in her career, I will forever admire her AND Amir for bringing such beloved characters to life. From Seattle ❀

  2. I haven't reached the last episode of S3 but I gotta say I was pretty blown away by the sets and visuals place with the… Hmm spoiler free way of putting this… Creatures that have a clever way of locomotion.

  3. when you see that on-screen friends or lovers are also good friends in real life is so beautiful… You realise that most of the scenes aren't so much acting but are real to some extent
    That's very nice to see

  4. What's that on her face??! Is that dirt??! Am confused. Love her though in the movie. Like will too, buh his kinda weak and uninspiring

  5. They’re both perfectly cast as Will and Lyra! They did such a great job! The show has become one of my favorite shows ever. Big fan of the books too

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