Psychic Investigators S02E07 Lady Killers (Full Episode) Reality, Crime

“Rose Swartwood, an elderly woman living alone in a New York project, is stabbed to death late one night in a frenzied attack. For the next two years the case remains unsolved. Though police have a prime suspect in a thug named Demetrious Moore, they lack evidence to tie him to the case.

But when a prison informant gives Detective Mike Mucci a tip, the officer is surprised. William Cuddy, a sex offender, has been bragging about killing Rose to his cell-mates. Is Cuddy connected to Moore? And if so, how?

When Mucci asks psychic Phil Jordan for help, he hands Jordan a stack of 100 mug shots. Jordan wastes no time pulling two: Moore and Cuddy. What is the connection? Are they the killers? And if so, can Phil Jordan help police bring them to justice?

Real-life crimes take on a supernatural turn when high-tech detective work meets the paranormal powers of a psychic.

Tarioa Van Weesenbeek, Phil Jordan, Frank Longo

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