1. I actually liked Alien V Predator and that had a female lead so it can work. This looks like Wok nonsense. I can't take down a bear but I can take down predators?

  2. Please spread the word of God and please accept Jesus Christ as your Savior because he did die for you so in His name We Pray Amen ✝️✝️✝️.

  3. There's no actual movie out there yet' I checked on vivatv it showed the movie it had the same cover picture and skipped around but it doesn't have the same scenes from the trailer

  4. 🤦🏽‍♀️ she almost got eaten by a bear.. and she can kill the “thing”. More power to you gurl

  5. Wish they would have spoken their native tongue like Apocalypto did. Wouyld have been much much better.

  6. How about the Iron Man Predator suit in the last movie when we gonna see the second part im intrested i wanna see 1 man fighting an army of predators

  7. You know they put that among us sound at the end of trailer on purpose get ready for the inevitable shitty memes that the media subliminally pushed y’all to make

  8. Just so we're clear a stupid little girl with a chip on her shoulder is going to hunt and apparently kill a high tech war bound blood hunter who can dead press a 800-1000lb grizzly bear with her determination and bow and arrow. Her credo "it knows how to hunt but I know how to survive" okay cue the scene where she proves she knows how to survive because the Pred interfered with the bear she shot in the ass from killing her. The feminist macho bull 💩 keeps getting better and better 🙄🙄🙄😵

  9. The predator was always my favorite this looks meh but I'm excited to see it

  10. this overall is an amazing concept. i'm so down. bows and arrows and spears and shit yes. they couldve built a good female protagonist but it's so painfully trying hard to kiss feminism asscheeks

  11. So this chick goes against an inter galactic, apex top-tier predator, who can go invisible, has guns, bombs and armor, she has a bow and arrow and cant even out smart a bear. No thanks ill just watch predator and predator 2.

  12. why is this trailer not welcome to the 2018 predator movie? even though at the end of the movie McKenna has a new weapon


  14. Looks like the greatest and my favourite movie franchise of all time has gone woke. I guarantee there will be some bullsh*t about American "colonists" and how "racist" they are or some crap like that. Can tell

  15. Will the predator be transgender? That way we can empathise with it and it can redeem itself in the end. Woops, I meant “themselves” not itself

  16. I hope they still use a thermal camera for his vision,that's what made him such a great monster.

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