Prey Featurette – First Time on Earth (2022)

Check out a Prey Official Behind the Scenes Featurette starring Amber Midthunder!

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US Release Date: August 5, 2022
Starring: Amber Midthunder, Dakota Beavers, Stormee Kipp
Director: Dan Trachtenberg
Synopsis: A skilled Comanche warrior protects her tribe from a highly evolved alien predator that hunts humans for sport.

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  1. Lolz predator wins and I love first-time on earth yet in alien vs predator it states the predators were in Cambodia in 3000bc but first time in 1700s lolz. I love when they try to keep with lore but don't pay attention enough to details to remember what actually happened.

  2. Need more predator super strength and speed and tech and fighting gladiator style oh and winning! This was a nice movie! Keep sharing and reviewing so we can get a follow up. Hopefully with Dan Trachtenburg

  3. Ahooo!! My people well represented here. Glad we aren’t seen as the cowboy villains anymore.

  4. looks like Amber is going to bring the thunder………..okay ill show myself out. 😆

  5. So this movie cancels both AvP movies? If they were even considered canon to begin with.

  6. White people making a movie to show that an alien almost made Native Americans extinct and not them?

  7. What a horrible horrible idea. Why would they make this movie when they have a movie budget and could make something interesting?

  8. In the first predator, didn't it go "back to basics" to fight Arnold? And didn't Arnold's character set very primitive traps? I don't see this woman ever having more of a chance to kill it than Arnold's character. There is no way "this" woman was the fiercest warrior in the world at that time. And 1700's? There were people with guns by that time, no?

    Side note: A real predator would take one look at this non-threatening women and keep walking in stealth mode.

  9. I want to see the predator go against the aztecs or mayan or the purepechas a movie in mesoamerica

  10. The Adrien Brody predators movie is underrated better than predator 2 and the recent one.

  11. Tagline of the movie: Arnold and a bunch of trained army personnel couldn't take down the creature, now watch a 100lb girl kill it with her amazing girl power😂
    Go woke Go broke..

  12. And yet this isn't the first time its on earth. Its been said in the second movie how long they have been coming to earth so this movie is not Canon.

  13. I Love Predator To Death, Yet I Still Want A Sequel Of Predators! Hope This Is A Great One.

  14. Director doing the temple fingers: "What's the least we could do? The absolute rock bottom minimum effort?"
    Prey Featurette starts: "Hooonk. Hooonk. Hooonk."

  15. Since the ending of Predator 2, I've wanted to see the Western one where he get that old school revolver that was handed to Harrigan after he won the battle of L.A.

  16. 0:55 In a vacuum this sounds like a great concept, but with the current state of Hollywood you know this girlsboss thing is going to be the main theme of the movie.

  17. I’m a huge Predator fan but I don’t honestly think this will be a successful show, it just won’t work.

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