Press Preview: Saturday’s headlines

Gillian Joseph previews Saturday’s papers – with Ian Dunt of The I, and Madeline Grant of the Daily Telegraph.

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  1. Austerity to pay for tax rises for the rich and big profits for the oil companies!!
    Madness…only positive it guarantees a Labour government 👍

  2. The Tories need to take urgent action. The UK urgently needs an intelligent PM. Call for an urgent vote of no confidence against the Liz Truss government. Get rid of clueless Liz and her career politicians before they cause irreparable damage to the country. #BringBackRishi

  3. Truss & Kwarteng are rank amateurs, arrogant rank amateurs. What an own goal having the mini budget on the eve of the Labour party conference, where was their risk management?

  4. After all the doom and gloom at the time broadcast by the BBC, and the consequent negative effect on the stock market and the pound. More self inflicted damage.
    Get your facts right – or shut up!

  5. Now we discover that revised figures from the ONS show that we were not in recession

  6. And , Ben Wallace will say , Like Michael Heseltine in 1996 , we were excpecting To lose by a majority of Fifthy MP s seats …..

  7. And in may 2024 , the BBC will report , probeblly , : "it s Ten Pm ( 22 H ) , we can say Keir Steirmer will be the next Prime Minister , and a Land Slide is Probablle …"

  8. i ( disagree ) with the aidia the Gordon Brown gave the BoE indepandance , cause , it was the MARKET participants who SOUGHT it , it was in the AIRE of that time 1996 – 1997 …. in the western World every where Centrell Banks were becoming Stronger or Indepandant so Gordon Brown JUST listened To what markets and markets particippants wanted him to do !!!!!!

  9. A shameless and blatant Tory budget to wreck the economy hence aiding the destruction of the NHS, via massive incoming cuts

  10. 39:26 Let’s just take a minute to appreciate how much time and work she put into these videos?
    It's unbelievable, and I think they deserve a lot more than that

  11. I read an article in my local newspaper the other day about a couple who had to find a new venue for their wedding next year because the hotel they had booked is being used to house refugees. They weren't told by the hotel though, they found out via a 3rd party.

  12. I have it!!.. I'm going to take a nap… wake up!!.. and eat red beans and rice!.. like a yank should do!!..

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