Press Preview: Friday’s newspapers

We take a look at what’s making the headlines in Friday’s newspapers.

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  1. Really happy I listen to my sister when she said I should deal with Maskoffweb on YouTube when I did and I got 0.2BTC from them

  2. Really happy I listen to my sister when she said I should deal with Maskoffweb on YouTube when I did and I got 0.2BTC from them

  3. Carol Malone is like a worn out Barbie doll fitted with a malfunctioning Alexa.
    Well past her sell by date.

  4. NHS Staff SACKED from 1st september 2022 > Why is no one in main media talking about the front line staff that walked into the fire of covid and are being finished on capabilities as they became ill with covid some died some suffer long covid and are now unable to work due to ill health. NHS mangers/government stance to these staff "They the NHS staff could have got virus anywhere". We were in lock down traveling to work in our own cars treating wards of covid infected patients many of us getting food delivered home. These staff like me are being let down and their families. The NHS has treated its own hero's badly clap clap!

  5. I expect those British men fighting realised they could die fighting in Ukraine or worse face torture and may have had Ukraine connections such as wives. They are brave and not misguided in any way

  6. ✳️ why is that old woman being lit by all those doughnut lights, I wonder if she is to old to wear contact lenses or could possibly she is just another example of a prize media numpty –

  7. Nice to see Carol without 14 light blaring in her kitchen again,must have been summut I said previously eh ?

  8. To obtain financial freedom, one must either be a business owner, an investor or both, generating passive income, particularly on a monthly basis.

  9. Malone is not the brightest button in the box and as usual, brings nothing to the table worth listening to.

  10. Carol is a typical voter of a populist party. They hear keywords like "tax cuts"and that's all they care about. There's no reason for them to discuss consequences of it.

  11. HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!!
    Torys harvesting the housing
    Market to fund there mates!!
    Welcome back 1987 housing crash!! Everybody

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