Press Preview: A look at Thursday’s front pages

We take a look at what’s making the headlines with the Daily Mail’s consultant editor, Andrew Pierce, and the Daily Mirror’s associate editor Kevin Maguire.

#presspreview #skynews #queen

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  1. Two minutes thirty three seconds and I am out of here…scroungers in full cosplay and one dead cat distraction from the treasury…"myopic" doesn't do it justice

  2. Our jewel… her crown? 🙄😂😂😂 bet the ukip Alf garnet brexiteer plebs will crack a nice woody over that headline ….. Jesus wept 🤯

  3. Harry did not serve on the front lines. Ask his army buddies. He was called “bunker Harry” for a reason.

  4. The pride and the pain…………William and Harry respectively. The bankers won’t be taxed more because they’ll send their bonuses off shore

  5. The more more i sit and watch all this expensive nonsense the more and more i think it simply needs dissolved!…And to think we have a carbon copy (or near enough) to pay for again realistically likely within the next 5 years……..Time to put all this well and truly in the past and ASAP!

  6. We now live in a country where a policeman gets investigated for doing his job in Streatham but does not get investigated for NOT doing his job in Telford, Rotherham, Oxford……..

  7. Putin loser in Moscow.China takeover Far East region Turkey Azerbaijan Caucasian region and US and Western nations Ukraine

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