Press Preview: A look at Friday’s front pages

We take a look at what’s making the headlines with political commentator Salma Shah and the HuffPost UK’s political editor Kevin Schofield.

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  1. Two minutes seven seconds and I am out of here…ah Sophy…the one who tried to shut up Nicola Sturgeon by talking over her

  2. because God loved the world so much that he gave his only son Jesus Christ for all mankind so that any man who believes in Jesus Christ may inherit eternal life through him if we confess our sins Jesus Christ is faithful and just to forgive us and only through Jesus can we inherit eternal life 75

  3. Surely it's time for news outlets to get beyond echoing and amplifying the narrow and distorted focus of the legacy press. Everyone knows the latter abandoned breadth and depth of coverage – being purveyors of news in any real sense – a long time ago. The endless drivel about the monarchy… Ugh! I certainly never thought of her as MY queen. The news of her death had almost nil effect on me emotionally. But it has stripped away the veil that was obscuring the grubby reality of the UK today. What a shameful place it is. The royal family is certainly 'designed' – just like a Potemkin Village, to mask the real condition of the country.

  4. Galatians 2: 4 – 5

    Work On ties🚩

    Check For lies🚩


    Matthew 15: 13 – 14

  5. The title ‘Sky News’ is an oxymoron. This outfit does not report any news; it peddles lies and propaganda. Is it run by Rupert Murdoch by any chance?

  6. Of course OF COURSE the comments are turned off for the "Queen Elizabeth: Life of Duty" video.
    Because it was misspelled. It should have read: "…Life of Doody".

  7. "Dont cry, youll start me off". Of course they are devastated.

    What a waste of 20 minutes and 2 pointless commentators.

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  9. Its all that Jillybe and I feel this and heard it on tele the other day that its the end of the XX Century. It is the end of an era. The end of last ww2 survivors

  10. That is a brilliant comment, that it's delayed grief, all the griefs of covid, lockdown, losing Europe, now we can finally let it all out. All those virtual funerals …

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