1. I wonder what will become of these overbred domestic animals when everyone goes vegan

  2. I ate a rare piece of Filet last night… luckily the cow it came from was a strict vegetarian.

  3. Fun Fact: The university of Stanford said "phasing out animal agriculture represents 'our best and most immediate chance to reverse the trajectory of climate change,'"

    So if you care about the environment, best thing to do is go vegan!

    (Also I'm vegan and my family was laughing at me thing entire episode, lol. I recommended watching the whole thing!)

  4. Hah! This guy comes from a time when a popular clergyman promoted a milk only diet. Another fad was chewing each mouthful perhaps 100 times or for 1 minute plus before swallowing & taking the next bite. There's been much weirder diets than veganism around in past history.

  5. In Vegans want to be big into it's okay with me and sometimes I am, but children that are growing need protein and meat.

  6. Spreading the vegan news brings us closer to saving all animals! Come check me out if you desire!

  7. I've been a strict vegetarian since 1968. I get eggs and cheese from humane sources. I love animals so I don't eat them. I'm no health aficionado. I just don't kill my friends.

  8. "Those poor souls" Yes the victims aren't the trillions of animals who are horrifically slaughtered nor the billions who are factory farmed, nor the current and future people facing environmental disaster. The true victim is the guy who doesn't get to eat bacon 😢

  9. Loads of delicious vegan food
    The British Brainwashing Corporation feeding the lowest common denominator, as per usual.

  10. What is the avg life expectancy for a true vegan, does anybody know? Shorter than normal, that's for sure!:)

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