Prairie Fever | FULL MOVIE | 2007 | Action, Western | Kevin Sorbo

A down-and-out sheriff is given a shot at salvation when he’s paid to transport three women with “prairie fever” back to civilization. Crossing the perilous plains and outrunning a killer gang intent on stopping their passage, the sheriff finds his will to live again in the love of a woman on the run.

Kevin Sorbo, Jamie Anne Allman, Lance Henriksen, Jillian Armenante, Dominique Swain, Felicia Day, Lucy Lee Flippin

Directed by Stephen Bridgewater, David S. Cass Sr.

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  1. A movie our government wouldn't approve of, it had real women and real men in it, Very nice!

  2. Had to turn it off after 5 minutes. Volumn too damn low. ( Bootleg rerecorded in a movie theater maybe?)

  3. Truly a great movie… rhythmic storytelling.. .actors" performance superb.. like it very, very much…thank you

  4. A very good Western movie with a very good story. Also a wonderful cast. Loved the ending.

  5. @51:02 look at the Ass on the left, @ his hoof I see TIRE tracks…Someone dropped the ball & forgot to cover them up….HA HA HA…..

  6. 20 min. into this movie pretty good so far….. BUT the damn volume keeps going up & down. Don't know who to blame either Popcornflix or Youtube someone needs to get their shit together…..DAMN…..Messing up a good movie……

  7. yeah it's got a high powered cast and the girls make it interesting,DON SWAYZE play a perfect bad guy,LANCE he never fails to deliver

  8. The over modulation of the advertisement is getting out of hand, it is causing me to make a list of offending advertisers so I don't make the mistake of using their services.

  9. I've looked past this movie dozens of times and just decided to watch it. Just can't forgive myself. That was a truly beautiful movie. Thanks 😊

  10. Ignore the critics — an intriguing story about the power of kindness and love with excellent cast. Worth the watch !

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