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When the comet “Copernicus” threatens the earth, James Mayfield, an astrophysicist in Washington State, his high school teacher wife and his teenage son must do all that they can to save the world, their community and themselves.

Stars Tyler Johnston, Jack Coleman & Holly Elissa Dignard

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35 thoughts on “Polar Storm Full Movie | Disaster Movies | The Midnight Screening”
  1. A black president, a black woman as a scientist, how shocking.
    Very good movie.

    US and Russia intermingling together to save us, I said US bc the only country the movie is being filmed in USA….yeah right…Hollywood again. LoL

    I'm still going to archive this movie.

  2. Could you imagine your stepmom also being your teacher? Talk about getting your homework done! 😂😂

  3. Always the same "solution," always the same plot line. Does anybody else have a better idea for an Earth disaster genre movie? Please?

  4. Why is it that when running for cover (at 14:00), they NEVER pull up close to safety. They rush to get there…and park 30 feet away from safety!!😄

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  6. Thanks… for an excellent movie. Fiction apart, it shows how fragile our existence is on this planet ! Thanks to the determination of "Dr. Mayfield" and the resolve of his family that imparted them the courage to ace a global catastrophe. Polar reversals are a reality but they occur exceedingly slowly. However, if a fast-track one is triggered by a comet's pass-by…the movie is the answer to what would happen. Again, we LIVE by accident !!! Great upload…thanks !!!

  7. 大好きな映画なので観られてよかったです!素晴らしい映像をありがとうございます!ごちそうさまでした。

  8. Depends on which america your taking about. There's presidents and you then theirs separate . You pick. Either way supernatural love conquers all and your involved in the 9// twin tower attacks and guilty too

  9. GOD forbid all of us but it may happen or any other natural or result of human scientific errors. This movie reminds us that it is time to unite all nations to save our mother planet earth.

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