Piers Morgan DESTROYS Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Netflix Show

Piers Morgan gives his uncensored opinion on the latest Netflix trailer for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix docuseries ‘Harry & Meghan’. The trailer previews the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s ‘freedom flight’ to Los Angeles and away from the Royal Family as they discuss their poor treatment from the UK press and the monarchy.

Piers begins by questioning Harry’s claims that the Royal Family was happy to “lie” to protect his brother Prince William – but were apparently unwilling to tell the truth to protect Prince Harry and his family. Piers then continues to debunk every contradiction from the three episodes that have already been released, plus the latest trailer which includes Meghan implying ‘The Firm’ have her “guidance” as to whether her niece could attend their wedding or not.

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  1. Piers you are so pissed and hateful and would likely choke in it . Good thing you lose your job cos of Meghan. For you all hatefuls, it’s all about “bringing down the British monarchy”. All hail the defenders of the monarchy.

  2. Get a life. Live and let live. I am sick and tired of all this nitpicking on every word spoken and on every action. So sad to see people make money on commenting on and bickering on the way others are living their lives. Piers,…. Media ,…. Get a life.

  3. The royal family is a joke and are puppets .
    Everyone loves Harry and Megan , same like everyone loved Diana. She went through even worse , they killed her and now you not believe her son that says the same things his mom said years ago . How much brain wash are you ?
    Harry and Megan are telling the truth.

  4. Piers “they’re liars” hmm… quite a bit of what they said is in line with what Diana once said so I’d say it’a more than likely true rather than false and all you have to do is look at the ridiculous headlines about Meghan vs the ones about Kate to know the media was looking to make her the “evil” one.

  5. That Harry is talking nonsense and digging himself deeper into the pit. Horrible. As for that common woman being called a 'duchess' and 'Royal' is galling. There's something very disturbing about what they're doing.

  6. Usually people that want to be free and have a private life don't do a Netflix series about there personal life and family drama…

  7. Piers, an outsider, knows more of the important details? And you people believe him!? I’m glad they piss y’all off; I hope it makes them sleep even better at night!

  8. I love piers Morgan I watched the first two episodes and was actually changing my mind then I half watched the third and was like 'no this is bollocks' poor Harry….not his even worse for doing this to his own family

  9. Omg Meg’s snooze fest makes me 🤮 and that’s from the trailers. I won’t be wasting my time watching crap.

  10. Mr. Morgan, have you actually seen the whole show? I mean all episodes and not just a highlight real your team put together? Please do, and if you can still stand by all your comments, let me know so I can take you off my list of non bias news.

    Sincerely, A concerned nobody

  11. Harry is just a big a liar as she is. What a load of garbage they do talk and sadly actually believe this crap they spout.
    Well said Piers

  12. VICTIMS?!!!! I PRAY that true victims all over the world don't follow these two, it would only hurt them. I PRAY that GOD will protect the Royal Family from being persecuted by Harry and what's her name's lies. They seized an opportunity to make millions and become famous, I pray it backfires. Obama destroyed America and two generations of young people. Now everyone here that is latin or black is a victim, even though most of them live more prosperous than anyone else here!

  13. ABSOLUTE RESPECT FOR YOU PIERS!!! Thank You for having the courage to fight for England, for The Royal Family and for THE TRUTH!!
    May GOD be with You.

  14. What a pathetic man!!!! he is trying to convince us that the royal family is not racist and that Meghan is simply making it up. The british media is gunning for her and always has because she is half black nothing more or less. Harry is an incredible man chose to protect his half black wife and mixed children and it is driving people like him insane. #welovemeghan

  15. Good grief, if condescension and effortless superiority actually solved anything Morgan might be worth his salt but as it is he's a stuffed shirt with a loud mouth.

  16. Megan's mother has a Master's degree in social work. If this alleged depression ever happened it would be natural for her to call her mother.

    I can't recall who, but it was suggested that her suicide threat was to manipulate Harry. And it just seems too on point for her.

  17. Megan u r the Wolfe. Harry u never left on your own the Queen kicked both your asses to the crub.

  18. I didnt get what i was looking for. I expected it to start with “me nans a bad racist so is my grandad”. My da wants everything in writing even what i want for my tea

    What i got was nothing of the sort and “do you know the english media push the royal family to keep it going by printing negative stories about my missus coz we’re not first in line” harry i knew that anyway mate

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