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  1. Hearing a African woman with a British accent is like hearing a English woman with a Nigerian accent, damned surreal!

  2. "It's literally meaningless"
    I mean… that's one reason classical musics are not everyone's taste, I don't even know why you touch this topic

  3. See a person of bethoven's fans start hating at her attitude and yall will bombarding with the same hates. Imma stay neutral for now

  4. A song song please do a research before you com and ask questions about music. We are talking about one of the most or the best classical composers not a m and n or snoop. Show some respect.

  5. I think what's great about these skits is the questions the reporter lady asks reveal a deeper misunderstanding that has to be addressed before the question itself can be answered. This puts the expert/interviewee in an awkward position where they have to think about how to approach this to give a concise and complete answer for multiple things.

  6. I’ve been seeing these shorts everywhere and I’m loving it.

    Ali g vibes anyone?? 😂😂

  7. I don't know where these clips came from, but I want to binge watch this. Priceless deadpan humor keeps me laughing! She is amazing.

  8. Music without words often conveys as much as a picture, a thousand words. Yes, the message may not be literally the same to each listener, but that's the idea. It's not meant to be. Music without words has been proven to be as powerful if not more-so than the dialogue in movies. There are numerous examples that metaphorically explain the effect of music on the human psyche.

  9. She sounds like schreeching chalk on a chalkboard. That tootsie tart on her neck is distracting as well.

  10. dude, how you achieve this much brain damage? Ive been listening to edm and dubstep for a while and can still appreciate classical

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