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Sarah carries the guilt of the drowning death of her stepsister. This trauma has left her wary of motherhood and sceptical about relationships. With a successful career as a publicist, she’s recently fallen in love with a successful client who has a young daughter. But soon secrets emerge from their pasts which jeopardize their relationship. Problems occur which appear to be the work of his jealous ex-girlfriend. Finally, alone in a remote location with her young charge, she learns once and for all that his daughter has orchestrated everything to get rid of her and now that it has failed, the perfect child is trying to kill her.

Stars Lochlyn Munro, Rebecca Budig & Nicole Munoz

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45 thoughts on “Perfect Child Full Movie | Thriller Movies | Lochlyn Munro | The Midnight Screening”
  1. I knew Lilly was a psycho from the beginning lol! She appeared in the horror movie THE TOOTH FAIRY! 😆

  2. @The Midnight Screening, I'm viewing from Australia. This movie's soundtrack is 2 minutes ahead of the picture. Strangely, when I checked the comments, everything is normal for everyone else.

  3. I'm not sure why but this movie was all out of sync. I tried to reboot, refresh etc., nothing seemed to help. It has obviously happened to a few other people, judging by the comments. Has anyone got any ideas?

  4. Great movie, thanks for the upload. ☺️And, to whomever is going to watch this, do not read the comments unless you can already guess how the story is going or you like spoilers.🙂

  5. Big thank you for uploading this fantastic movie good story also a fantastic picture quality doesn't break up or lose sound hope to see more films like this one going to give this fantastic movie 🍿🎥 a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ star's 👏…..,,👏…..,,👏…….,,👏…👍👍

  6. Scrolling through recommendations for a good movie to watch sure pleased i found this one A great upload Thanks for sharing Appreciate ⚘

  7. Interesting how such good "Hollywood" actor like him is unable to show his full potential when working with, not so good actors but, that happens sometimes unfortunately…In my opinion Sarah was not a good choice for this movie, as an actress she is really Blah

  8. I made a decision long time ago that, I would never get involved with anyone that have at home children and, I stick with it 😁

  9. 32:52 He is Very Good Actor, the others Actors I never seen before but, Until now I don't know what is going on 🤔and, Usually I am very good to understand right away movies🤔😊

  10. Mine has completely the wrong soundtrack. I'm watching one film and listening to another lol. I think I'll move on.

  11. Great upload! Am literally having anxiety ATTACKs,watching this like IT'S LILLY from the second the dad said his 1serious relationship died & when Lilly did the disappearing act to get her into trouble with the dad!

  12. I hope Paul sees his Business Partner for who she really is! Great movie so far. Omg everything seems to be about Lily and Lily only. Yes I know it's hard adjusting to something new and believe me, I know, my parents split up when I was 18, I was 19 when their divorce came through. There's no point being selfish. It wasn't Monica at all, it was Lily all along trying to sabotage Sarah and she had killed before!

  13. Good movie, from the start I read the daughter quickly! She will become a phyco when she is grown oh wait she will ho to jail.

  14. Good lesson in there though… the spoilt brat trying to kill her stepmom and in the end she begged that very same person(with such a beautiful heart)to save her

  15. Your step-child wanting you dead is quite common, and him / her taking vicious action not so rare. Fortunately the converse kicking in is fortunately very common.

  16. Fucked UP!! The sound is out of synch with their lip movements…. I could only bear 20 minutes of this amateurish crap!

  17. Thank you for uploading the movie.. I like your movies, and enjoyed watching during night time. 👍👍😄😄😄

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