Paul Rudd Presents Scott Lang's New Memoir

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  1. Why we saw Duo talking scene error in Latest Marvel Movies (Actor mouth is not moving but it is talking when camera is focusing on Listening Actor).

  2. Not a lot of ppl remember him from the movie “Clueless” which he does still look the same age. Bless his handsome self. 🐜🙋🏻‍♂️

  3. Apparently the end credit scene leaked
    Those who want to read it SPOILERS

    Post Credits Scene 1: The Council of Kangs gather discussing how the Kang they exiled has been killed. The council is led by Immortus and includes Rama-Tut, and possibly a version of Scarlet Centurion (however, they are not red). They are NOT happy that their exiled variant was killed by others, and vow to stop “them” – our heroes who have started to meddle in the multiverse – as they may kill everything they’ve built (interconnected timelines). They call upon all other Kangs for support in preparation for a dastardly plan. The scene ends in the Colosseum full of Kang variants (including a Skrull version).

    Post Credits Scene 2: We see a stage, and then Victory Timely, another Kang variant, as he is making a presentation to an audience. He has his classic mustache, and the set looks like it is in the 30s or 40s. In the crowd, watching Victor on stage, is Loki looking terrified and Mobius looking confused.

  4. This Valentine’s Day I don’t need love, I want to see a Bollywood and Marvel collab!

  5. Will do Scott. Reminds me of a great TV show called Castle where the books from the show became real life books as well.

  6. This is so funny and I can't believe they actually made it a real book 😂
    This Book was so good it will forever be remembered as one of the Greatest Books of our time.

  7. This is pure marketing for the new Ant-Man film but I’ll still pick up the book, might be worth a read.

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