Patient Seven | Full Psychological Movie (HD)


PLOT: A renowned psychiatrist has selected six mental patients to interview as part of the research for his new book. As he begins his unorthodox methods the question becomes, who really belongs in Spring Valley Mental Hospital?

CAST: Michael Ironside, Jack Plotnick, Drew Fonteiro, Grace Van Dien, Amanda Graeff,
Anna Rose Moore, Doug Jones

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  1. Wow! I am so glad I took a chance on this fantastic thriller. Great twist ending. I will watch it again.

  2. 18nov2022
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  3. Patient 3 was the best of the series. Although Patient 2 wasn't bad either. The worst part was in Patient 4 when Patient 2 gave Patient 3 the disease and Patient 3 was all like "Hey! Come here dude!" to this other guy who turns into Patient 4 and then in Patient 5 the whole thing just gets completely nuts when the dude with the thing does something with that other dude who has the things and like no arms or legs cause he's a human millipede or whatever, and by the time Patient 5 rolls around the world is in total chaos and anarchy with criminals doing whatever they want like the purge and then Ethan Hawke shows up and Patient 6 is Robin Williams except a zombie cannibal serial killer mummy witchdoctor and he does a magic spell on this dude with the stuff who turns out to be Patient 7 and then it just goes all to hell after that…

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