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  1. they used avant-garde music which pretty much explicitly parodies advertisement/corporate music. getting hyperreal up in here fellas.

  2. I love this advert, it shows what humanity is, and it shows just how much we take the news and our TVs for granted

  3. Like having your brain drilled, over and over and over….please make it stop. You can't even escape it by switching channels….

  4. The music is so horror/atmospheric and doesnโ€™t fit it at all lol. Thatโ€™s the only standout thing about the advert mind.

  5. The song that plays in the ad on TV sounds like something I made in an hour on garageband in year 7 music why does it loop the same 10 notes its annoying af

  6. This advert first appeared on the very day it was announced the over 75's would have to start paying for their TV licence: just to remind any of them that are disgruntled that it's not just the BBC they're paying for. This advert is just sanctimonious, self indulgent, waffle trying to sound 'profound' when in reality it's just extremely 'cringey'… Oh, and that church organ playing the most irritating and repetitive tune didn't help either.

  7. Amazing track. Thank you for info about who the song is by. I couldnโ€™t find any reference to it on the internet. Iโ€™ve checked and itโ€™s available on iTunes, which is good to know.

  8. I'm just sick to death of seeing this every bloody 10 minutes of the day in every single ad break.

  9. The song is Chrome Country by Oneohtrix Point Never in case it was bugging anybody else as much as it was bugging me!

  10. Well, that's the problem isn't it? Stories or the truth? Making your own stories and presenting them as news. Selecting the story of opinion and presenting it as news. Presenting your story of the world, not how it really is. Broadcast TV is almost dead and thanks to the licence fee and the wicked threats if you don't pay it the BBC will drag all those other ships down with it. "Your" stories are not our stories, not anymore.

  11. Not a crossover we ever thought we wanted, but one we definitely needed in these weird times. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  12. Everyone should go listen to the John Galt speech. Not the dramatized re-enactments, but the full speech from the audiobook.