One Year Off (2022 Movie) Official – Jeff Fahey, Nathalie Cox, Chad Michael Collins

One Year Off – Watch the trailer Now! Available on Digital and On Demand February 7, 2023. Starring Jeff Fahey (“Lost,” Alita: Battle Angel), Nathalie Cox (Miss Willoughby and the Haunted Bookshop, Clash of the Titans), Chad Michael Collins (Sniper franchise), Antonio Fargas (Shaft, “Everybody Hates Chris”), and Ray Fearon (Beauty and the Beast, The Protégé).
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Need a long beach vacation with your besties right now? Then come laugh, love, and lavish in One Year Off. The fun starts as Claire (Nathalie Cox) and her pals are invited to the West Indies by their friend Ben (Jeff Fahey), who just inherited an island getaway. To pass the long days, they start a business hosting beachfront weddings, resulting in both awesome success and hilarious disaster. Meanwhile, the sun and scenery put Claire, Ben, and their posse in the mood for romance. Will the next wedding be one of theirs?

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  1. what the fuck Jeff Fahey & Chad Michael Collins are doing in this type of movie??? lol

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  5. What happened to lionsgate? Why are they churning out all these b-grade movies lately? Where are movies like the next three days, hunger games, the day after tomorrow and such?

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