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When a group of traveling teenagers happen upon the small village of Ellensford, they find that no one ages, no one gets sick, and crops are always plentiful. However, they soon learn that this magical place comes with a price; an annual human sacrifice to a vicious Ogre.

Starring – John Schneider, Ryan Kennedy & Katharine Isabelle
Directed by – Steven R. Monroe

This movie has been tweaked slightly to play nice with YouTube’s community guidelines but should not effect the enjoyment of the film.

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  1. Thought the CGI monster might have been a bit better done, considering the movie was made in 2006

  2. Love the ending.

    They walk off to the sunset,
    Like they don't have to consider
    how long they'll be in jail
    for stealing the cop car.

  3. This film was very well done on all levels, very enjoyable! The actress who played Hope really did an outstanding job.
    Set up at a horror con a few tables from John Schneider, a genuinely nice guy, no 'celebrity attitude' at all, a real pleasure to meet. 👍

  4. The ogre may have not been very nice but at least he had the respect and decency to cover himself up…

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