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Alison Morgan has a perfect life, the perfect husband, and the perfect house in the perfect neighbourhood…that is until she finds out that her perfect husband is not her husband and that her perfect house is not her house. When she begins to have visions of her former life, she realizes that the man masquerading as her husband has stolen away her previous life.

Stars Meredith Monroe & Ari Cohen

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46 thoughts on “Not My Life Full Movie | Thriller Movies | Meredith Monroe | The Midnight Screening”
  1. So, why would he kidnap her to be his wife?
    It’s not like she is some sort of prize… e.g gorgeous, incredibly intelligent, rich or interesting. Very funny. LOL PS. he owns a ranch with horses? Who is taking care of them every day? Feeding, letting out for pasture etc? There would be farm hands who live on the premises in real life …

  2. No amount of programming could make anyone tolerate, much less feel they're in love with a schmucky, prison guard who's idea of clever repartee is condescending witto beeby tooking. Who wuvs woo? Back to you room Byatch.

  3. What a dumb movie, had a chance while he's chopping wood but decides to save girl just to leave her to get the bad guy that's now aware of them. Pissed me the F off!😠😡

  4. סרט ייחודי נושא מעניין ומתח שנבנה לאט לאט לאורך הסרט.מדהים איך מישהו מחליט להשתלט על חיים של מיהו אחר ו"להפעיל "אותה לפי רצונו.
    הסוף מצויין

  5. Good acting, no doubt but…. they are numbers of things missing from this storyline I think!!! Just for example at the end when she's back to her daughter & husband… how come it be that fast?? Does her hubby know that she's coming back?? He seems no surprise!!, as if he knew that his wife is still alive!! Then… why is her hubby didn't do anything about it???? Sorry, maybe someone could explain to me… 😇😇😝

  6. Great movie! So many of these have terrible actors, but this movie’s actors/actresses were great! I loved the storyline, there was action, suspense, and a wonderful ending. 👍🏻

  7. You find out your husband has been drugging you so you go home to talk to him about it. I hope no-one in real life would be so stupid. There would never be a logical explanation for that.

  8. The first thing I do whenever I try to watch movies is that I usually read almost all comments before watching not to waste my time and money.😁😁

  9. Outstanding ovations!!!!Thank you so much for such beautiful movies,we need such Therapy!!!!!God bless you,all!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💖

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