Nightmare | Full Horror Movie (HD) Haylie Duff


When Molly begins her graduate studies in sleep disorders, nothing in her books can explain why she begins to experience sleep paralysis, or why her visions of an evil presence seem so real.

CAST: Haylie Duff, Jesse Hutch, Gwynyth Walsh

DIRECTOR: Terry Ingram

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  1. And I thought she was bad on 7th Heaven…,that is one homely woman;some would call that mile-long face a………………….Nightmare………………I would`ve rather had relations with Ugly Chad-boy……………..Other than that,not worth the paper it was written on…….N E X T ! ! !

  2. Sleep paralysis sometimes occurs when the soul is returning to the body and rushes in. But there are also evil entities in the astral that paralyze people, because these entities feed on the person's fear

  3. Hmm…Quite Interesting & Good Story Line Based Horror Movie..🤩🎬I Really Enjoyed Every Minute Of It..🤩💝Love From SriLanka 🏳‍🌈

  4. Geez, it only took an MP3 player to end 30 centuries of incubi (hag, mare??) possession! Who knew! Since the mom had the music box and magical tinkle music . . . it seems an unrecorded version or one on cassette recording did not work. Gratefully, there was a technological breakthrough in the 1990s to end all the incubi bullcrap. And thankfully, there are really bad teen movies (using 20 year olds in grad school) like this one to watch at 4 am when you can't sleep.

  5. And one more thing: I´m stayin´awake man…I´m fu….`stayin´awake!!!!!!😂😅

  6. WOW this movie was a very surprising high quality. It gets three * * * golden stars from me. Creepy and wicked man….yessss right on the tip of the spear this movie !!!!

  7. Haylie Duff is a great actress just like her sister Hilary. I really enjoy a good movie from time to time. I am using a shared account so this is my comment. Thanks for uploading👏

  8. hello love you Horror good movie to me Thank you from Azerbaijan 🇦🇿🇦🇿

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