Films Included:
00:00 FilmSelect
00:05 Avatar 2 The Way Of Water
01:41 Alienoid
03:45 Orbital
05:42 Star Wars: Andor
08:04 Creature Of The Mist
09:48 Blank
11:38 Shark Side Of The Moon
12:40 Willow
14:00 Vesper
16:09 Guardians Of Time
17:55 Secret Headquarters
20:30 Restart The Earth

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  1. Shame VAL isn’t in WILLOW…..

    Should be good but not the same without Mad Martigan lol

  2. Honestly I won't go and see Pandora 2/3/4/5 or 6 or whatever, trying to rival with Fast and Furious ! I mean it's been ten years and we have been hearing about it for that long. Ok it was a good movie but what on earth can they say for another few movies ? Will it be all gay and trans aliens fighting to save their planet from climate change and white supremacists ? I wouldn't go and watch TItanic 2 either !

  3. Have 0 clue what Orbital it's supposed to archive… I don't know if that it's a good or bad thing..

  4. so lame… i saw narnia, koma, …. etc. most of them werent unique and some of them even trashy. Except for avatar theres nothing for me in there.

  5. Uhhh that star wars all them died in the last movie soooo…..def not interested when they go backwards…. yet AGAIN..

  6. OK, look. Science fiction IS NOT FANTASY, OK? No dragons, no elves, no wand waving, no comic-book superheroes. And just because it does have a robot or a spaceship in it doesn't make it science fiction. Space fantasy/space opera are not science fiction (I'm looking at YOU, LucasFilm; just because you pretty it up does not make it something other than "Lost In Space"-level crud). There MIGHT have been two science fiction films in this whole lot, and that's stretching it.

  7. So Vesper, the citidel requires that what like 5 people must starve to keep a whole city running? Wtf logic do movies run with nawadays? Do they need writers that know what surviving is like?

  8. I m losing my confidence mai itni mehnt kartae Dance mai lekin koi chote youtuber ko suprt nhi kartae😔😣😓

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