NEW UPCOMING MOVIES 2022/2023 (Trailers)

NEW UPCOMING MOVIES 2022/2023 (Trailers)

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Films Included:
00:00 Mindcage
02:19 Plane
04:57 Lamborghini: The Man Behind The Legend
07:03 Savage Salvation
09:18 Presence
11:13 Freeze
12:46 Avatar 2: The Way Of Water
15:15 Poker Face
17:14 The Witch: Part 2
18:50 Wolf Pack
19:50 Shadow Master
21:40 The Whale
22:44 Chevalier
25:06 Three Pines
27:27 Your Christmas Or Mine
29:57 Soft & Quiet
32:04 Deborah
33:59 Stars At Noon
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  1. I had to say bro… Thank you. So many channels, comedies, entertainment but when I'm feeling down i go to your channel even though it's just trailers it keeps me good. Thanks man. You may not understand but thanks.

  2. Finally a movie about the chevalier de saint George, but unlike what it is said, it's not an untold story since in France, the country of the chevalier, we talk about him, Paris has a street with his name, and many documentaries about him. White father, black mother, noble blood, best sword master of his time, defeating the best in Europe, but most importantly amazing violin player from whom Mozart learnt his style.

  3. A 3rd rate imitation of SOTL, a 3rd rate Tucker, a man and his dream, a pseudo-Rambo with De Niro who looks as though he can barely move, another crappy horror film, silly gargoyles in the Arctic, another dumb Avatar fantasy film, fat Russell Crowe and a bunch of losers, another stupid dystopian future Japanese film, werewolves, vampires and bad actors, oh my!, lame king fu foolishness, a feel bad for the terminally obese guy, a forgotten mediocre half black musician/composer of the 1700s who definitely didn't walk around in asinine cornrows, another bizarro weird community which whacks outsiders, another idiotic Christmas rom-com with people not worth watching, a feminist horror film (as if the real thing isn't awful enough), a stupid ugly bunch of jerks film, pathetic guy who can't grow a beard is a mysterious guy with a gun Cinema is dead unless you're a completely bored full retard who'll watch anything.

  4. Phenomenally beautiful….you are all phenomenal….I’m so happy and amazed by you all….🥹🥳🕊🌹📱💎🌹

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