New Trailers This Week | Week 46 (2022)

Here are the new movies trailers from this week! What are you excited to see?
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00:00 Elemental
01:27 Puss in Boots: The Last Wish
04:24 Slumberland
05:48 Sr.
08:26 Magic Mike’s Last Dance
10:47 80 For Brady
13:04 Something From Tiffany’s
14:34 Inside
16:45 Emancipation
19:32 The Old Way
21:27 Missing
23:54 Empire of Light
25:28 Enys Men
26:56 Joyride
29:00 The Apology
30:15 Living
31:50 Lullaby

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  1. The Tiffany’s movie made me want to vomit. How you go from wanting to propose to someone to just falling for some random mf. Wtf

  2. I wonder when will be the the day of third good pixar movie, because, and it seems to remain this way for a while according to plots and trailers, pixar has only created 2 good movies, a bugs life and lightyear

  3. Why do they count plants as an element? It's a living thing so it shouldn't count as one. And it feels like they just took a youtube short and expand it to a movie. Especially since there is a youtube short.

    A sequel off a spin-off no one wants… Well, at least it looks better than the first film.

    I'm not sure what I am looking in Slumberland.

    That looks like a beloved gift that any son could give to their fathers. I'm gonna watch it with my pops.


    Yeah, I'm not a Football fan so… Skip!

    So a common mix match that could destroy 2 normal relationship on Christmas… Nope.

    William Defoe in another thriller… As if I need more reasons to fear the guy. I'm in!

    You had me at Will Smith as a slave base on a true story… But does it really have to be on Apple TV?

    I love Nick Cage and I love the western films… But I also missed the Old Cage. The insane Cage.

    No thanks. I don't like films where it is focus on the computer screen or phone.

    Hmm, I like Skyfall and 1917. But I just don't know about this film.

    Not a horror fan… So maybe not.

    Maybe if someone wants to watch it with me, then I would go for it.

    Again, not a horror film.

    Hey if Bill Nighy in it than I'm up for it.


  4. When someone making a new movie attack of 50 foot woman or new movie the Alamo or pagemaster or Lion witch and the wardrobe

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