New Trailers This Week | Week 45 (2022)

Here are the new movies trailers from this week! What are you excited to see?
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00:00 John Wick: Chapter 4
02:29 The Whale
03:33 Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery
06:05 Mindcage
08:24 Devotion
09:55 I Wanna Dance with Somebody
11:35 Pinocchio
13:57 Chevalier
16:19 Christmas Bloody Christmas
18:25 A Wounded Fawn
19:50 The Offering
22:00 High Heat
23:50 Renegades
25:22 The Almond and the Seahorse
27:26 200 Meters
29:12 The Box (La Caja)
30:41 Being Thunder

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  1. Sorry! Youtube ruined your video! Ist just unsuportable to get that extreme insane amount of advertisement while tryint to see a video. So Recomendations, Scrap it!

  2. Mindcage = Silence of the Lambs. How utterly, utterly sad. High Heat = female version of Under Siege. Is there no originality in wankywood at all?

  3. I really believe that. John Wick would Whooop Back widow and Hawkeye in a fight and If he was in the MCU he'd be hard for Cap to beat. Thoughts?

  4. The last trailer is crap. There is NO SUCH THING as 2 spirited. Some guy made it up in the mid 90's.

  5. You should make a separate red band trailer comp for the Shudder films and any others that require the red band trailer warning. Fortunately my kids aren't around

  6. How do you get around the MPAA trailer warnings? I'm pretty sure the Christmas trailer is rated R.

  7. Speed is the only guy who can stream for 2 hours straight yet fill every single minute with entertainment..

  8. Mostly uninspired; usual unoriginal crap. Admittedly the last one might be something but doubt it and instant PASS the second I hear "I identify as …"

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