Have a look through the timestamps to find something of interest:

0:05 – DETECTIVE KNIGHT REDEMPTION (2022) Bruce Willis
1:50 – LAMBORGHINI The Man Behind the Legend (2022) Frank Grillo
3:44 – BLACK PANTHER 2 (NEW 2022)
4:11 – BAR FIGHT (2022) Comedy
5:05 – DISENCHANTED (2022) Amy Adams
7:27 – THE WITCH 2 (2022)
9:23 – SAVAGE JUSTICE (2022) Robert DeNiro
11:06 – TOM CLANCY’S JACK RYAN (2022) John Krasinski
13:01 – TAURUS (2022) Machine Gun Kelly
14:47 – WILLOW (2022)
15:45 – THE SANTA CLAUSES (2022) Tim Allen
17:42 – SAM AND KATE (2022) Dustin Hoffman
19:58 – THE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Vol. 3 (2023) Teaser
22:10 – THE MINUTE YOU WAKE UP DEAD (2022) Morgan Freeman
24:12 – ECHO 3 (2022) Action, Thriller
26:01 – R.I.P.D. 2 (2022)
26:28 – THE FRIENDSHIP GAME (2022) Peyton List
28:25 – PARADISE CITY (2022) John Travolta, Bruce Willis
30:09 – ON THE LINE (2022) Mel Gibson
32:11 – POKER FACE (2022) Russell Crowe

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  1. I really wouldn’t mind a new die hard movie there Bruce.. I mean if John McClain is gonna die then at least make it happen in another Die hard instead of just letting him fade away into nothing…. He deserves to go out in a blaze of glory damnit….

  2. Can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop these idiotic comic book movies ? How many 10 year olds can possibly be out there to watch them ??

  3. so damn sad that these idiots have never seen earth's mightiest heroes & can't get the avengers costumes. hair styles & casting right & some higher quality stories & they don't care

  4. The Bruce Willis movie looks interesting, but I thought I read where he had retired from doing movies? What gives??

  5. Please stop listing Bruce Willis' movies. They really really really really suck. He was once a star, not any longer.

  6. THE MINUTE YOU WAKE UP DEAD (2022) Morgan Freeman … that trailer just told us the entire movie. Atleast I dont have to watch it now to know how it ends lol. And wtf is an actor like Morgan Freeman playing in a Lifetime-like movie for, isnt that beneath him?

  7. i thought bruce willis was no longer acting… that he was retired or something because of his speech issue…. i guess he couldn't pass up another million dollar paycheck movie

  8. Man it would be cool to live in a time where 9 out of 10 movies didn't suck absolute donkey ass. Avatar 2 will probably be the only good movie in 2022 and 2023 combined.

  9. The day that Bruce Willis stops making action films is the day the world ends. You heard it here first.

  10. These all look sht and I’m highly disappointed.. how do we get worse at movie making over time?

  11. Please, if you're going to do a title at least be more honest. Only two of the trailers are for 2023, the rest are 2022.

  12. A Countach racing a Mondial ?? The Mondial was a notorious dog of a car. A modern Toyota Camry would blow the doors off a Mondial. With the A/C on.

  13. Lol Morgan freeman as another detective hmm seems an awful like along came a spider or whatever that was called

  14. The Christmas guardian is the galaxy is gonna be great even though it's a Christmas version. I really really love them all the characters are great. I love mantis

  15. If they ever did a movie about Kurt Cobain they should use MGK he has that dirty grungy look. Unless that trailer with him is about Kurt's life

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