0:05 Secret Invasion
1:54 Guardians Of The Gal Vol. 3
3:43 Knights Of The Zodiac
4:46 The Mandolorean: Season 3
6:30 Transformers 7
8:37 Star Wars: The Bad Batch
10:33 Avatar 2
12:02 Connect
13:16 Callisto Protocol (Game Cinematic)
14:48 Deus: The Dark Sphere
16:33 Battle For Pandora

Artwork: Marcus Whinney

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  1. seeing "Battle for Pandora" after "Avatar II" I think someone is going to get sued.

    Anyone else have the sound not synch to the visuals besides me?

  2. the guardians of the Galaxy song is the spacehogs and that iconic sound he's singing is actually supposedly inspired by to be an old ring tone he remembered from when he was growing up.

  3. what the fuq is with all these asssholes putting the callisto protocell, which is a video game not a movie, in with these new movie trailer vids???????

  4. James Cameron says we need to rid the world of toxic masculinity.. yet I see a whole bunch of it in his preview….

  5. "When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you." —Lolly Daskal

  6. CGI is trash these days. It all looks like a cartoon. Clown world. They don’t even try to make it convincing. They believe we are simpletons and this is what we want. They are right about half of you.

  7. So, Avatar 2 is the exact same story essentially, but in water this time. My, how innovative….yawn.

  8. Man I read better stories than these on reddit…. that says something about the quality of shit they keep pushing out now…

  9. Couldn't the Mandalorian just tell her that the helmet stunk like an old rubber boot? I mean, even a mandalorian needs a shower sometimes.

  10. Mandolorian* is one im excited for. And transformers movie isn’t the seventh technically. Bumblebee is the first and rise of beasts is the second.

  11. I will simply take a second to felicitate how much time and effort he put on this vids? 🙃

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