NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2022 | Weekly #9

Film Trailers Included: 0:05 – BREAKING Trailer (2022) John Boyega 2:05 – NATIONAL TRESURE: Edge Of History Trailer (2022) …

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  1. Where to start with this…

    1- Your movie trailers AREN'T all HD, other channels are
    2- You haven't balanced the sound in videos at all. Over half of all these videos have way too much gain, resulting in distorted audio.

  2. Please try to regulate the sound of the trailers to the same level, some of these trailers almost blew my eardrums xD

  3. You click bating SoBs. I was promised Cthulhu and I got Stallone. I know he talks like a great old one but it's not the same damnit.

  4. Is amber still in aqua man if she is it’s ok I don’t think what kinda of person you are shouldn’t d determine your ability to feed yourself. Im just wondering

  5. John wick again will be blockbuster but little confused about avatar 2 cuz 12 years it’s a long time and people already forgot about avatar 1..Cameron need good luck this time..

  6. Samaritan seems cool…they just need to change the design, the name, and the actor and they might have a decent movie

  7. the thing that i need from marvel and dc is for god sick stop your stupid boring unwanted JOCKS

  8. Damn, that monster from "the lake" reminds me the "king of the sea" from One punch man 🤔

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