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00:00 – 00:04 NEW MOVIE TRAILERS (2022 – 2023)
00:04 – 02:23 Mindcage Trailer (2022)
02:23 – 04:18 Presence Trailer (2022)
04:18 – 06:29 Spirited Trailer (2022)
06:29 – 09:07 Plane Trailer (2023)
09:07 – 10:40 Freeze Trailer (2022)
10:40 – 12:55 Savage Salvation Trailer (2022)
12:55 – 14:29 Red Ghost Trailer (2022)
14:29 – 16:51 Chevalier Trailer (2022)
16:51 – 18:54 The Santa Clauses Trailer (2022)
18:54 – 2-:47 The Accursed Trailer (2022)

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  1. 1. so fat Martin doesn't do comedy?
    2. yawn – this passes for scary now?
    3. be serious, not even Reynolds can save this.
    4. mmmaybe Butler can save this…
    5. looks kinda heavy — for a kids show.
    6. Bobby and John might push this into watchable.
    7. nyet
    8. oh wow how original . . .
    9 stop, just please stop.
    10. #NoHopeForWokeywood

    wanna watch something entertaining and worth your time?
    go back before the woke nonsense ruined almost everything.

  2. Yeah that first ones going to lose money. Thank God they got paid first, that's why they made this wannabe Silence of the Lambs flick. I

  3. Mostly aggressive movies, no wonder why the number of aggressive people keep rising. What a shame

  4. Most comedians trying their hand at "serious" drama often come across as being more narrative in their diction–at least initially. Sometimes it can change positively or negatively with the movie, as would if it was done intentionally through the length of the movie.

  5. Movie makers have just run out of ideas, you know its bad when they actually make a movie about Boris Johnson

  6. The Red Ghost

    Wow… a Russian propaganda film about a made up copycat of the real Finnish White Ghost. Of course there are differences, the real dude didn't need ghost powers to fight the invading Soviets/Russians.

    I have no big problem with the overall patriotic propaganda films genre, but this one takes the legacy of one of Russia's most famous individual opponents and bastardizes it. This is while they're invading another country.

  7. Saint George du cavalier, lol as usual a subverted racial MUMBO JUMBO to as usual hidden the REAL TRUTH saint Georges his the TRUE Mozart, sapere aude! , Hollywood always blind and subverted distortions to bamboozle and programming the ZZZZZZZZOMBIESZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

  8. Shrugs so far. Spirited? Yep, no originality any more. Freeze? Good idea on surface but a suggestion for anyone stranded in the Arctic: try wearing a HAT, you numbnuts. Not a one in any scene and instantly tags all as a bunch of morons… that and/or the filmmakers. Savage Salvation? Prob a good movie but DeNiro has lost all respect and care to see through his mouth off camera, so pass on that one. The Red Ghost looking best so far as free from the Hollywood laziness/woke crap. Chevalier? Nah. Kids are annoying. Woke BS as adult. Pass. Santa Clauses? Keep that conveyor belt rolling, I guess. Plus anything from Disney these days ia a joke. Accursed? Maybe but shrug. PS: Yes, I'm in a bit of a mood today.

  9. Absolutely cannot take Martin Lawrence serious in a non comedy role. They should have cast someone else. I really wanted to be into it but every time he showed up on the screen during the trailer I kept hearing "MIKE LAWWWWWRYYYYY" in my head. 🙄

  10. Mind cage – Hard pass.
    Presence – Yeah, no.
    Spirited – Maybe on streaming.
    Plane – Please make Butler stop.
    Freeze – Laughably WTF??
    Savage Salvation – Uninspired
    Red Ghost – Over the top crap.
    Chevalier – (Heavy sigh combined with eye roll)
    The Santa Clauses – Not a chance.
    The Accursed – Just another poor attempt at horror.

    The art of filmmaking has died. It's been replaced by low budget, low effort, cookie cutter scripts that look like they were filmed on an iPhone by a group of high school students and then glammed up with cheap CGI effects.

  11. plot twist: we all think mindcage is a thriller, its a comedy…waiting for madea to make her appearance.

  12. Creativity is dead. All you can do is tell the same stories over and over with different characters and settings and situations, but it's all the same.

  13. Amber Heard? That'll sell 10's of tickets. And is that Martin Lawrence.
    Oh shit they dragged John Malkovich into this?!

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