NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2021 | Weekly #4

New movie trailers released in the past week

00:00 Mortal Kombat, The Suicide Squad, Space Jam 2
01:45 Raya And The Last Dragon
04:14 Crisis
06:39 Body Brokers
08:58 The Courier
11:17 The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On The Run
13:09 Silk Road
15:21 Rage

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  1. For those of you looking for a new Mortal Kombat trailer cuz of the thumbnail, it’s not here. False advertising

  2. So when are these movies getting made exactly? During the pandemic, in 2020? If lockdowns go on for the rest of this year, we may not be getting new movie trailers next year.

  3. New movie] apparently To be honest I really wanted to see this show I never saw it before. It looks absolutely fantastic I really like it alot it's really the best show ever. I really like the character in this video is incredible ever. I think the writer and producer and director and crew executive producer and script did a great job making this film look so unique and exciting show ever nice.