NEW Motherland: Last Christmas 🎄Trailer

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The gang are back for the mother of all Christmases! 🎄🎁🔔🍾

It’s a mum-eat-mum world. The brave women and men of the school run come face to face with playdate politics, the PTA’s reign of terror and never having a pee by yourself.

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  1. Love motherland !!!!!!!! Can anyone tell me where Amanda’s dress is from in the picture . The blue dress!!! I want it

  2. This was way sadder than I thought it would be. Why do they put deaths in Christmas specials….

  3. This is pretty crap comedy with very chavvy unlikeable characters. Joanna Lumley steals every scene and is still the best looking of all of them

  4. The script is perfection, the casting perfection, what more can we ask. Motherland is totally hilarious, we need more!

  5. It’s surprising how many people i mention it to haven’t seen or heard of it ! It’s up there with the best of them

  6. This show is the literal script to a mothers life! i cant wait to see this! i hope this means another season too!

  7. "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." –Eleanor Roosevelt

  8. yes, yes, yes so excited for this! really hope there's another series too? This show is iconic and genius and loved by so many!

  9. Wow, a new episode of Motherland is definitely something to look forward to this Xmas.

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