Netflix Planning On Moving To Weekly Releases Of Shows Instead Of Binge Model

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Netflix is a multi-billion dollar media-service provider based in Los Gatos, California, USA. The company was founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. The company currently offers online video on demand services, but also produces and distributes movies and series under their Netflix Original brand.

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  1. Honestly, I don’t want to see it happen. That’s what cool about streaming. It’s like a movie. See everything at once.

  2. I just don’t watch that many shows on Netflix. And I don’t mind spoilers. I can cancel my subscription. Wait until all the episodes of Bridgerton are out and then suscribe and watch.

  3. It IS long overdue. And Im honestly happy that they´re taking steps in that direction, shows like Stranger Things totally deserve it.

  4. Agree! As much as I dislike having to wait for new episodes of great shows I can certainly appreciate the weekly pacing AND it will help me to control my own binging urges which tend to result in lost sleep or other missed opportunities (yes, I am week). Just binged all of Cobra Kai. It was nice not having to wait but I feel dirty cramming that entire season in when I could have/should have been doing other more productive things.

  5. There is hundreds of TV shows with weekly release formula and nobody heard about them and the statistics shows that that 80% of people prefer binge watching. Weekly release makes no sense in Internet era

  6. I think it makes sense financially. Too many people pause or cancel their subscriptions. The option to come and go should be eliminated or tweaked. Weekly shows would also bring more attention to other shows on Netflix. I do like to binge shows, but I would patiently wait for new episodes as long as there are other shows to keep me occupied.

  7. Someone remind me…. How is streaming any different than cable now? I'm not saying the week to week isn't the smarter way to go in terms of longevity but still it's just cable now.

  8. This means netflix is just like everyone else, might as well unsuscribe and sign up for a month to binge watch everything at once

  9. I don't like the fact that Netflix is going to weekly shows instead of being able to binge watch! That was one of the reasons why I chose to get and have Netflix! I love to binge watch and if Netflix stop allowing us to binge watch I'm cancelling my subscription!!! If I wanted to watch regular TV shows I would've never gotten Netflix!!! And this goes for all the other streaming services!!! 😡

  10. I prefer the binge model that was the #1 benefit of streaming but I understand they desperately need to improve. Season 2 of Arcane is going to be painful to wait for on a weekly basis

  11. From a financial standpoint, it makes sense. Lots of people subscribe for a month to watch a specific show, then cancel their subscription as soon as they’ve seen it. Releasing weekly forces someone to either wait a few months for the show to be released in its entirety (which some people don’t have the patience for), or stay subscribed for several months while episodes are gradually released.

    It’s not a consumer-friendly model, but it is a profitable one.

  12. Obviously, there’s bias as YouTuber’s need filler content of speculation and theory. I’ve seen enough of these where it becomes a waste of time. Going back to weekly feels like going back to DVD’s and late fees. It’s a non-consumer friendly. 99% of shows are not worth inconveniencing my schedule.

  13. As much as I don’t like weekly releases I feel like this could help a lot of shows not get canceled, some people don’t get into shows right away and if Netflix renews shows based on their performance for the first week or two then those shows end up getting canceled

  14. If they went weekly netflix should drop two episodes the first week, single episodes after that and then drop last two episodes at the end.

  15. I’m glad someone is enjoying Netflix shows cause the only ones I find interesting are their mini docs. A lot of the shows they have seem to be more of the same. Problem with Netflix is their shows lack the re-watchability factor for me.

  16. While we all can get impatient if we have the time to binge things, I think the weekly business model is the best for everyone. The only thing is I like the system when the premiere has 2 episodes to start and then weekly after that

  17. Netflix should move to a model of dropping partial seasons like they did with arcane. They can drop 1/2 the episodes in the beginning of the month and the back 1/2 at the end

  18. I like weekly shows but that wasn't what Netflix was sold as. They keep raising prices and now want to shift models I would cancel. The binge model gives you the option to watch weekly as well. If you're rushing through something just to say you finished it for some "water cooler" talk and then you can't remember it, that's sorta on you. lol

  19. I agree with Rob, when I binge shows I tend not to remember most of the content. That goes for book series as well. And I’ve never done LSD.

  20. Netflix needs to peel back on quantity, to quality. With week to week releases for the bigger properties.

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