1. Can't Netflix diversify and start producing hollywood movies? They have good experience with their originals. Can't they take up those big movies? What a person pays for a one time movie at a theatre = one month of netflix membership.

  2. Great content as always! I didn’t think Netflix would be such a low margin business

  3. Unless this stock was under $20 I would never own it. It's a streaming service and it at one point was over $550 per share! Lol. Look at Disney. $140 for it and it's more diversified and has streaming. Netflix doesn't even have good content. Squid game and that's it. They have one darling per year only on average. Before it was stranger things. Before that it was the marvel tv series like daredevil and defenders characters. Even then I just buy the seasons as they come out or find a website to watch them online at for free. The best streamer is HBO max. And now if you own at&t stock when the merger split happens…….for every 1 share you own of at&t you'll get 0.25 shares of Warner Brothers Discovery stock. Which I will keep and then I'm dumping at&t at that point.

  4. It soaked me for the first jump…than I seen it and cancled it. Companies shouldn't be able to legaly increase the price of a subscription without you having to reconfirm your willing to pay for it.

  5. Technically people valued this over 600 a month ago and now people saying this doesnt even worth 300.. and netflix is going to crash badly immediately. I'm confused.

  6. Excellent news. Hindus all over and I Dia should give up Netflix subscription. The anti Hindu propoganda in Netflix is real and dark & nasty. I am giving up today!
    Specially when India has excellent entertainment sites.

  7. Im an quite an unexperienced ‘investor’ and I have bought some netflix shares late last year (pretty silly now i know…) what should i do? I feel like keeping it in the hope of it recovering in the long term, or should i sell it as it seems like the whole tech has peaked already?

  8. Hi folks.
    I am from India.
    In India earlier subscription plan was not affordable for middle class.
    Price was 500 rupees per month.

    Now they have reduced to 149 rupees per month.

    Now it's very affordable.

    I have now purchased their subscription plan after price reduction.

    At these reduced price I am confident they will be able to gain subscription from middle class in India.

  9. I do not agree with you in everything what you say. It is true that the financial statement was not impressive but the company is not bad with their own contents etc. They have improved the original movies in the last 5 years and it's worth subscribing them to see higher quality of movies (shows) from the huge selection. The huge drop is maybe controlled by some huge capitalists….

  10. Great and pedagogical as usual. Would love to hear your take on Rush Street Interactive since more states in the US are opening up for online gambling. They have an impressive growth but are down 41% ytd. Thinking on adding them to my portfolio but afraid that I've missed something vital.

  11. Opinions like yours are very much appreciated. However, we are in extreme different times with many other key factors in play that werent in previous markets….. They! now own the market!!!! yes, read the charts, however, ZOOM OUT and think of the WHY's, regarding the action of the last weeks and going forward. Everything has changed and will change fast in these months ahead. Cant be ignored if advising.I will say we all should prepare for any scenario as the market has always been volatile.I have played safe by putting my assets into active trades,so I don't feel the price if the declination continues.I have made over 7.5 btc since early november till date from implementing trades with insights and infos from PJ Fadwa.I will advise everyone to stick to this method instead of just waiting on a pump.

  12. wouldn’t it be possible that they invest in content that is still in the process of shooting and not hit the rack yet, so that part isn’t reflected in this quarter or even next, cuz sometimes movies and shows needs a year to make?

  13. Not only was the disastrous earnings report, but also the poor guidance that trigged a 20% sell off AH. I recall last year Q1 results there guidance for new user growth was so abysmal too, but they only dropped less than 5%. Time has changed…

  14. I bought 470 puts today when it was at 508. Should I wait till end of day tomorrow or cut first thing? Up 900% already

  15. Hey, I really enjoyed how you dug into the balance sheet. You made it interesting and educational with clear insights.

  16. Wow… glad I never got in on it.. well I guess that is true for a lot of stocks nowadays 😂

  17. I trade Netflix but never owned it…. mind blowing drop…. insane…. still trying to process that drop!!!

  18. pedo illuminati worshipping streaming service. that's what happens. this will happen to google, amazon, apple, microsoft, etc but not tesla, tsmc,, costco, dwac, amc, gme

  19. Great analysis, as always; much appreciated 🙏
    Quick question- From a purely technical perspective, can't we argue that the breakout from 580 to 700 (Nov '21 timeframe) indicated a bullish pattern (higher highs and higher lows). And then one would expect 580 to be some sort of support level? Hypothetically, if someone gets stuck in a bull trap like that, what could be some red flags?
    PS- Your videos have been really helpful in teaching me tech analysis, so thank you!

  20. Very true its not as strong as msft and google but to think its down at 400 overnight is amazing. Cord cutting is apparently real and Netflix is the best despite competition. For the long term, Netflix will probably be fine. Ouch what a sting!!

  21. I had a nice profit on a NFLX put spread as well as ZM. These were two obvious lockdown winners and that party is over. Basic firm valuation is heavily focused on expected growth of net earnings. NFLX had the problems of oversized market share (can't grow it much), competition pouring in, and people get back to normal life, not sitting watching Netflicks while waiting for their next stimulus check.

    So besides, NFLX, ZM, TDOC, PTON, what are some other good lockdown one hit wonders?

  22. Wow this is very good analysis…don’t have plans to invest in NFLX anymore and watching after this.

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