1. Okay.. What?? Squid game was made BEFORE he made the video. How do you think everyone knew about it?

  2. Uh bro netflix was first that mr beast. Just look at the netflix and youtube first netflix look at squid game created date

    And now youtube mr beast look at its created date

    Comment if you are a squid game fan

  3. Look how dumb they are, they literally said netflix copy mr beast when squid game is netflix's movie

  4. Why does ppl say Netflix copied mrbeast when squid game came out in September and mrbeast came out like idk how many months later but it's prob the dumbest thing that I've ever heard in my whole entire life

  5. omg netflix copied the whole thing 😡

    edit: before anyone says anything it a joke omg I never thought I had to say that but yes its a fucking joke now calm done.

  6. That is the most stupid thing anyone can say cause mr beast even said “we made squid game in real life” meaning he copied it from squid game

  7. When people watch the squid game video by Mr beast, it's a Mr beast video, not a squid game video. People watch it for Mr beast. Doesn't mean there's an audience for it.

  8. Mr beasts squid game is American but actual squid game is korean

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