1. One of 3 Major Leaguers I have ever gotten an Autograph from. Cool to see this!

  2. Hearing his story it really does inspire me to keep hoing for my dream, cause maybe I will one day make it. Great episode as always

  3. Comecem a colocar legendas de vários países nos vídeos

  4. I am very early on in a project for a kids book centered on LL baseball, and life principals. Trust, integrity, confidence, courage, things we teach our LL team trying to make a bigger impact beyond the diamond. Can anyone here put me in touch with either of these fine men to discuss collaboration on this project?

  5. Yuk! Yang suka dan mau belajar CorelDraw terutama vector dan WPAP, bisa cek video aku, lengkap penjelasan yang mudah diikuti teman-teman. Terimakasih sebelumnya, maaf mengganggu kolom komentar kamu

  6. What is with the NY Knights hats and jersey… made custom for this shoot? Obviously hat inspired by the natural. Curious as to why

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