Ncuti Gatwa answers Doctor Who questions ❤️❤️➕🟦 | Doctor Who – BBC

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Ncuti Gatwa, the next Doctor, joins us to answer some questions about all things #DoctorWho ❤️❤️➕🟦

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Doctor Who returns in 2023 on the BBC in the UK and DisneyPlus in the rest of the world 🔷✨

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  1. Interesting that he will be the first Doctor born under the sign of Libra.
    We've to still to have A Doctor born under Taurus, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces.
    Here are the The Doctors star signs so far –
    William Hartnell – Capricorn
    Patrick Troughton – Aires
    Jon Pertwee – Cancer
    Tom Baker – Cap/Aquarius Cusp (not sure which he is?)
    Peter Davison – Aires
    Colin Baker – Gemini
    Sylvester Mccoy – Leo
    Paul McGann – Scorpio
    Chris Eccelston – Aquarius
    David Tennant – Aires (shares my Birthday!)
    Matt Smith – Scorpio
    Peter Capaldi – Aires (Shares my Brothers birthday!)
    Jodie Whittaker – Gemini

  2. I would really like him to face the Slitheen as well they are my favourite monsters And I really want them to return to Doctor who

  3. Oh, he is going to "Africa", Is he? Gee, I wonder why…? I stopped watching when the fruity guy transformed as #11. Like so many other things, the series is now just about broader markets. It is meaningless.

  4. i can't wait to hear the way he says tardis every episode, idk what it is but the over pronunciation of the r (i'm american btw, and it's over pronounced even by my standards lol) is so satisfying

  5. So like, hes still going to be the doctor eventually right? They wouldnt do this much promotion with a new face if he wasnt still planned to be a new incarnation in the future at least.

  6. Is it just me or does this feel like Doctor Who is being revived again. Feels like it's been gone so long and it's coming back!

  7. The show ended at 12 number 13 is not canon in my opinion with its outlandish change of the lore

  8. I am more scared for him because a character created for a certain demographic can be well…….. asswholes for major change

  9. I'm looking forward to him as the next Doctor. In large part because I'm looking forward to Chib going away and Davies' writing coming back 😂 I think it would be really cool for the Doctor to meet the Orisha; in pure Who fashion, they'd of course have to end up being aliens, just like the Beast was. Which could be a tricky social move to execute, but if they can say Satan is an alien without pissing off all the Abrahamics, I'm sure they could do the same for the Orisha. Especially since the Orisha are meant to be divine spirits walking the Earth in human form, which is perfect for rebranding as aliens on a sci-fi show like this!

  10. A race swap is their priority… they care more about changing his race and detaching fans then they care about good writing…

    Don’t you think it’s a bit of a coincidence that the race swap came immediately after the gender swap?

    They sell us turds and you all happily buy them…

    The shows numbers are so low at the moment that it should have been cancelled half way through the last season, the only thing keeping it on tv is the BBC’s denial fundings…

    They can’t admit that their fake woke nonsense killed the show because that would make them look bad, so instead they will throw money at a show nobody watches for another season or two until it completely collapses, then they’ll blame its failure on someone els.

  11. A question: Why did they BBC sell out and stab fans and countries in the back, such as the ABC in Australia who have proudly supported Doctor Who for 50 years? Why slap such fans in the face? There is no way I will be giving my money to Disney. Support your fans. Reward your fans. Donn't ignore your fans who have passionately supported Doctor Who and managed letter writing campaigns and petitions to keep Doctor Who alive at times when the BBC didn't want anything to do with the show. The fans kept Doctor Who alive (New Adventure books, Big Finish productions, animated missing episodes, colourised B&W episodes, create live action for missing episode – Mission to the Unknown). Without those fans, you would not be where you are today. But the BBC decides to turn it back on those fans who kept everything alive.

  12. No that's rubbish I don't want it to be on Disney plus . I loved watching it on tv on abc Australian here . And then it went to Abc iview before they tv at night . The last episode I watched was Jodie's last episode on Monday night . Our Abc is similar to the BBC . Why did they have to do that to us . 😢😢😢

  13. His smile is very cute. I think he will make a good doctor at least I am very hopeful with his chat here. I can't stand the episode with the devil, but weeping angels are my favorite so would be thrilled to see him make that one 🐱

  14. I would like to be optimistic but the flaws of the show seems like there too big to fix at this point maybe if they bring in a completely new writing staff and cast but I don't think it can be saved long term, I plan on watching David Tennant's episodes but after he goes I'll probably be done with the show for good.

  15. I'm looking forward to seeing Ncuti as the new doctor but also seeing his TARDIS and the new intro theme

  16. Can't wait to see Ncuti's outfit. You'll be a plastic action figure forever, Ncuti. 😁❤️

  17. What did he say? That I won't be able to watch Doctor Who anymore? I don't have Disney Plus, and not going to get it. The doctor's home has always been the ABC here in Australia. Totally shattered.

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