Native Americans Helped Democrats Carry Arizona in 2020. Now Their Voting Rights Are Under Attack

Indigenous voters in Arizona who played a key role in catapulting Joe Biden to victory in 2020 are facing a sweeping rollback of their voting rights that may swing the state back to Republicans in Tuesday’s midterms. “In 2020, Native voters understood that the election of Donald Trump was an existential problem,” says New Yorker staff writer Sue Halpern, whose latest piece explores how voters on Arizona’s Navajo, Apache and Hopi reservations are navigating the 2021 Supreme Court ruling that banned a common method of voting collection used by Indigenous voters. We also speak with Lydia Dosela, who is running efforts to get out the vote on Indigenous reservations in Arizona to make sure “all Native American voices are heard loud and clear.”

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  1. Aw another libtarded channel spewing propaganda doubt trump never said any such thing about taking native Americans land

  2. There is no reason for the Native Americans voting right should be in danger, Arizona. No more suppression of anyone votes!

  3. Notice how republicans say only handwritten ballots are 100% trustworthy over computerized machines. While on the other hand they're pushing everything else we do into the cyberworld
    Money, banking, etc.

  4. Screw the states then. We have Sovereign status that makes states secondary to Us . We don't answer to them on anything Tribal. We'll set up our own for Federal elections.

  5. The GOP WILL DO ANYTHING to suppress the votes of Democrats. They are the Ultimate Election STEALERS.

  6. Because most native Americans are godless anyhow, most people are searching for the truth something native Americans couldn't tell

  7. Native Americans haven't learned anything from the past and they claim they are so spiritual, that's a laugh

  8. If you're situation is so dire in the 21st century after having been given trillions of dollars…it's not government's problem….you may want to look inward.

  9. Yall made a big mistake. If they think the Democrats ARE gonna save America, think again. They are pretty much screwing us all.

  10. What happens to all of the money given to reservations address those issues first it cant truly be making it to the people

  11. I am not shocked nor surprised. The Demoncrats can not be trusted at all. Hopefully the natives have learned their lesson.

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