Nadiya's indulgent Halloumi Chips recipe! | Nadiya's Party Feasts – BBC

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 馃憠 These halloumi fries have a light, crisp outer shell and the halloumi goes all gooey and creamy as it warms up. With this garnish, fries just got exotic!

Nadiya Hussain is throwing a celebration – and everyone is invited. With the party season fast approaching, Nadiya shares her favourite festive dishes that fill the table with vibrant colour, amazing aromas and fantastic flavours.

Nadiya’s Party Feasts | BBC

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  1. Great recipe! Thanks. Me & My son love marking & eating these! They go really well with sweet chilli sauce!

  2. These were awesome, just made some! I used Ras el hanout, paprika, black-pepper, salt, chilli and cayenne to make them hot and spicy. Worked great with a mint yoghurt dip.

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  4. I tried these out today. Thank you for the recipe. I had been wanting to go to oli babas for years. My family enjoyed it too cos they turned out lovely. Crispy goodness

  5. U don't need eggs just the same when coated in flour and spices of your choice

  6. Brilliant recipe! What about a gluten-free variation? Corn starch-flour might work. Maybe coconut flour for a ketogenic version.

  7. Dip those bad boys in marmalade for breakfast or a sweet appetizer and you won't regret it.

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  9. How did ubget into cooking i watch tour cooking programme on tv its fun and you are a good cook. You get me so hungry. I luv ur kitchen background. In respect i watched a documentary of you regards to deprrssion and your love for cake baking which kept you going i cant barely sometimes get oit of my bed i have so many goals and task to complete i dont have energy in me to to compete it i find it very difficult hard to go out and do the stuff thats important but if feels like a huge task and hard to do and it really isnt i feel so tired even if i have slept through thr night. What would be your advice?
    I need lots of energy to do the things i need to do please .
    Back to your lovely halloumi i think its amazing Mashallah your cooking is beautiful just like you Thank you for a great video and tv cookong show when i watch it i feel happy amd my depression goes away for a bit. Keep it tc stay safe

  10. Wow!!! This looks amazing! I think I'll have a party for one and curl up with a good movie and make these for snacking 馃槏

  11. I watched the Netflix show and have been hooked her cooking. Such a beautiful woman her personality got me. Can鈥檛 wait to make the chicken swarma

  12. Love your videos. I also love halloumi. The challenge I have is where I live (Idaho, USA) to is a huge struggle to find Halloumi and if I did find it, that plate of "chips" aka fries would cost upwards of $50. Super indulgence.

  13. It's your personality for me 馃槏馃槏 also that face! Skin plus melanin 鉂わ笍

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