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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 Nadiya Hussain turns her attention to baking on a budget. Baking spectacular treats can be pricey, and after a strained 2020, many of us are looking for ways to tighten the purse strings. Nadiya believes you can create something delicious without breaking the bank or compromising on flavour – one of her golden rules is never throw anything away, so her potato rosti quiche uses leftover ingredients that many of us having knocking around in the fridge to create a scrumptious family meal on a shoestring. Baking bread always offers value for money, and Nadiya’s fluffy onion pretzels are the ultimate satisfying cheap snack. Next, Nadiya’s rhubarb and custard kisses turn a few store-cupboard staples into beautiful little biscuits that are pretty enough for a special occasion. Finally, Nadiya creates her signature chocolate fondant, rich, indulgent, and rustled up for a fraction of the price you would pay in a restaurant.

Nadiya Bakes | Series 1 Episode 6 | BBC

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  1. Unless I missed it she didn't say how hot the oven should be set at…. any help from those that made them

  2. as soon as I finished watching this episode I bought the ingredients online. Made these pretzels today, what a joy it is to make them and eat them. delicious, fun to make with the family and quick rising time. Thank you for this amazing recipe and I LOVE your show!

  3. Great , just missed some salt . When I don’t have the time I just skip the knotting and boiling in soda part and just do regular buns, just bake a bit longer

  4. Kindly share the Ingredients into the description box and also mention cups measurements

  5. I MUST make this sweater! Please tell me where it came from. Does anyone know of a pattern?

  6. This recipe is incomplete. I just made these pretzels and they taste terrible because there is NO SALT in the recipe and the soda tase comes out way too strong. Coming from a celebrity chef this recipe is such a failure!

  7. I couldn’t careless that she’s black
    I couldn’t careless that she’s a woman
    I couldn’t careless that she’s a Muslim
    But for those three reasons alone I wouldn’t watch the shit she’s spouting.

  8. I made them and boiled them in 600ml. water with 3 tbs. baking soda. But they tasted like baking soda, didn't like the flavor.

  9. I just made these. The second rise of 15mins was much too long and they got very pillowy. When giving them the quick bicarb bath, they sort of deflated. The result was a vague bun shape, rather than holding the pretzel knot shape. Still tasty although definitely needs some salt in the base ingredients, not just as a topping. To be honest, the onion flakes and onion powder amounts could also be doubled.

  10. I just made freaking delicious! Though my dough was way too wet so I had to add flour 🤷‍♀️

  11. Your shows always make me salivate! Your food looks sooo yummy and I have done the brownie recipe and ppl were bowled over to say it mildly.

    Thank you for always making great shows

  12. got mine in the oven right now, the teaspoon of salt at the end only covered 4 of mine! in the end i used around 3 and a half teaspoons of salt to cover them all

    update!! they’re done now and oh my gosh they’re sooo good!! i HIGHLY recommend making these!! i didn’t have the onion granules but the crispy fried onions are enough to make them delicious! however, they took 22 minutes at 180degrees rather than 12

  13. I usually boil them in water + honey. And between 1 to 2 minutes depending on how big they are. They get really chewy and a pleasure to eat them.