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PLOT: A number of people find refuge in a small motel in the middle of nowhere, its only distinguishing characteristic being the ruins of an old Mystery Spot-a long-dead roadside attraction with strange metaphysical powers. Nathan [Skipper] and Rachel [Wilcox] find solace in one another, both attempting to escape dark pasts that seem to be using the Mystery Spot to go from being painful shadows of their lives to very real entities of the present. Everyone at the Mystery Spot will be affected by its unique properties, but only some will survive its reality-shattering implications.

CAST: Graham Skipper, Lisa Wilcox, Debbie Rochon, Rachael Logue, Lyle Kanouse, Bobby Simpson II, Seán Patrick Judge, Julie Osterman


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  1. I could`ve sworn that Slim,the auditioneer, was gonna make love to a McDonald`s Quarter Pounder instead….YUCK……..Slim,"I`ve been SHOT…PLEASE someone call DOMINO`S!"

  2. The blonde actress, who was taking pictures has a pretty face, like Carol Lynley. Round!

  3. I remember the brunette who played the cop! She has been in alot of horror movies! Shes an underrated actress! This movie was an excellent super natural type movie!

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