1. For someone who has not a single addictive cell in my body.. I think I might have found something …I have been free-diving in Simonstown Capetown for a little while now and its amazing regardless of the water temperature.

  2. Its the most extrodinary documentary iv ever watched and bittersweet there probs will be nothing of its calibar in terms of footage, knowledge and overall production 👾

  3. What an awesome documentary, Children will only be better humans if they interact with the world around them this is what is missing in young people today.

  4. Unbelievable. The most embarrassing act of a human to watch being unfold. You hid the entire time behind seaweed filming how full of excuses you were. You showed that octopus that humans would rather film you eaten by shark than show humanity. Disgusting. Grow some balls and stop representing us in Nature. Watch Christian the Lion… That octopus died knowing you would never help. That octopus indeed was your teacher- more human you could ever be

  5. The octopus has always been my favorite sea creature I was so intrigued when somebody mentioned this I had to look it up immediately I just watched it. Yes I did shed a tear it’s beautiful and very touching. Very very well done I really don’t know how he did it on his own but amazing work to be applauded for sure

  6. This film reminds me that we as humans are not alone…There is so much about life that we either don't pay attention too and/or don't understand…

  7. Beautiful documentary..touching and sad. I had no idea how intelligent these little creatures are. Must watch but have tissue at the ready.💙

  8. The part where is said he was failing his family and was at that point in life where you don’t know what you want from it or your purpose got to me. It was like he was sliding into depression. Who knows what was going through his mind the first time he decided to step into that cold water. When that cold water washed over him I could almost get the sensation of whatever was holding him back getting washed away. Some people say heaven comes in all forms. For him this was his heaven. And the way he narrated the story definitely kept my interest.

  9. I was mesmerized by the beauty of this film and of this glorious creature. She somehow touched me on a level I can't even begin to describe. Your story is something I wish everyone could experience. I will be watching again.

  10. 🐙🌍💝 So enjoyed taking the immensely moving journey with the Octopus Teacher & her filmmaker & biologist friends tonight on Netflix! I will highly-recommend that all watch it & also support & get involved with the Sea Change Project. Thank you for your earth-protecting work! Glad you win so many film awards including your Oscar, BAFTA & other awards! 🎉🏆🐙🥇💦

  11. I´m a 73 years old lady, who´s entire life has suffering of aquaphobia. I can´t swim. My son told me to watch a very good documentary about an octopus and I refuse to do it couse at first didn´t catch my attention. He insist, and add it in my netflix whatch list. A few days later, I was about to delete it, but I decided to give it a try. I´m writing this because I need to tell you what you do to me. It´s one of the best content I´ve ever seen in my entire life. I want to thank you for all the knowledge you share with this, all the efford you made to do this. I´m amaze about the connection you made with that beatiful an rare animal. It makes me realize how deep is the connection between all living creatures and how powerful it can be. The best part for me it´s to know that your son is going to continue that amazing labor. And thank you for made me experience the ocean in that way. I´m from a little town in México, and I never wonder that I was going to receive this gift, from the other side of the world. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. God bless you and your team.

  12. È stato emozionante, dall’inizio alla fine. L’amore e la connessione con quella creatura meravigliosa e il suo mondo era tangibile, commovente. Credo sia questo il modo con cui dovremmo rapportarci con la Vita, in ogni sua forma…
    Grazie per questa emozione e per il lavoro che fate 🙏🏼❤️

  13. Craig was such an unrelatable character that i could not get past his South African Priveledge:

    Big baby. You were burnt out in your lifelong dream of being a documentary filmmaker. Boohoo!

    " 2 years of 'absolute hell' I'd been working hard for a 'long time' , I'd just worn myself out… I hadn't slept 'properly' for months…. I was getting sick from 'all t
    he pressure'"

    My mind couldn't deal with 'all that stuff'.. I couldn't face a camera or an edit suite again. My great purpose in life is in pieces

    Never mind all those African tribes that were living literally hand to mouth and you couldn't stand the burden of facing an edit suite again you little baby.

    If he wasn't part of the documentary filmmaking world, he would not have the resources to document his "struggle"

    I couldn't finish watching that "documentary" because I couldn't get past the protagonists delusions of suffering.

    An entitled white South African who had to "retreat" to the pristine shores of Cape Town, to commune with the wildlife.

    "Dances with Wolves 2.0"? Anyone




    Thank god we finally have a white South African to truly expose the true struggles of humanity.

    Most of Craig Fosters childhood was "spent in the rock pools diving in the shallow kelp forest…". Paradise.

    At the time Apartheid mandated that Most black South Africans were working in hard manual labor jobs to feed their families.

    "They were inside the natural world… I felt outside"

    So sad that he could not face hellish cameras or edit suites. Luckily he had the luxury of unpaid time off and resources to hire a documentary film crew to witness him not be in a "good state to be a good father to his son"

    The only way he knew how to deal with this "was to be in the ocean"

    what a courageous man.

    "In the beginning it's a hard thing to get in the water… it's one of the wildest, most scary places to swim on the planet"

    Yeah, compared to the Johannesburg YMCAs.

    He didn't do this for survival, he did it for self fulfillment… luxury.

    open your eyes Craig Foster.

    Now here's an octopus teacher:


    If Craig wasn't a

    White, South



    I would not have such a strong revulsion to this trope.

    I am sad that the 2020 Academy did not see past this travesty.

  14. This touched me beyond words. I have always been fascinated with Octopuses, but this film touched my entire Soul/being! Ty So much! I miss her too! <3 She's always with you. Everywhere you look there now.

  15. Thank you for telling this story and the chance of taking up the challenge. The world needs more of you…🙏🏼❤️👍🏼

  16. The scene, where the octopus defends itself from the shark was absoulutely mindblowing.
    Highly recommend the documentary

  17. This looks so fascinating. Something about it made me immediately emotional. We just stomp through this world conveniently unaware of the beauty and miracle of creation. I look forward to watching this and already I want to rhank the filmaker for his insight and sensitivity. Sometimes things don't reveal themselves or we don't notice until we are in a place of loss ,burned out and we just surrender. Then we can finally see with a clear eye and heart

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