MURDER MANUAL Official Trailer (2020) Emilia Clarke, Horror Movie HD

MURDER MANUAL Official Trailer (2020) Emilia Clarke, Horror Movie HD

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Creepy, terrifying chapters from our book of horror include a little girl’s journey from a world of nightmares into the nightmare of reality, a gay couple’s romantic getaway in Palm Springs that turns murderous, a young woman whose rideshare turns deadly, and a girl who is held captive by a circus that must be rescued by her husband.

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  1. Um, where can we find this? Is it a movie or an 8 parts store on an app? What just happened?

  2. 10+ minutes of screen time and they really went overboard on selling the movie by splattering Emilia Clark's face on the cover and marketing her or the movie.

  3. I don’t know why this rather jumbled, disjointed trailer [for what appears to be a seemingly terrible, low quality film] sparked an idea that’s got absolutely nothing to do with said movie, but it made me think: in a zombie situation, where the undead infect & kill the living through inflicting bite wounds on the previously non-zombiefied victim, why has no one ever tried just placing an American football helmet on their heads, en masse, so that they can’t bite people anymore?!! Like I said, nothing to do with the film, which I cannot make heads or tails of just from watching this confusing trailer, but for some reason I guess that single image of someone wearing a football helmet was the genesis of my new found personal zombie fighting strategy! Oh well…!

  4. Poor Emilia…she must've done this pre-GoT for rent money or something. Or a favor for a film school friend.

  5. It looks a little low budget but at this point I'm just excited about the prospect of any movie being released this year.

  6. I bet this has been sitting on the shelf for a while. We're probably going to be seeing a bunch of movies that were shelved.

  7. Emilia Clarke's appeal outside of GOT not looking great…. A shame, she seems like a really nice/genuine person.

  8. I guess Emilia Clarke on her own still isn't popular enough to most people, so she's still "Games of Thrones' Emilia Clarke" in this trailer.

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