Morticia Says Goodbye To Wednesday | Netflix

Morticia says goodbye to Wednesday in a way only the Addams family will find endearing.


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Morticia Says Good Bye To Wednesday | Netflix

Smart, sarcastic and a little dead inside, Wednesday Addams investigates a murder spree while making new friends — and foes — at Nevermore Academy.



  1. All the goth people in the world an you get him to play Gomez tisk tisk BUT the show is udder AMAZING love love it keep the awesome episodes coming this show is top of my list a 10 out of 10 masterpiece

  2. I get that the whole show is about how wrong Wednesday is to resent the people who love her, but it's genuinely sickening to see her being so rude to the most loving and accepting TV family in history.

  3. What an annoying character. I Could barely get through the first episode with her pick me girl vibes and I'm better than you attitude in this. Sooo qUiRky aNd wEiRd. Ricci nailed that part in the movies tho.

  4. When you watch a talented actress like CR play this role, it’s hard to get into this boring, bland character we have now. This is a Skip.

  5. Literally any other actor should’ve played the dad. I just can’t take him serious! I feel like it’s an SNL skit or something.

  6. I couldn't figure why Catherine Zeta Jones didn't seem convincing as Morticia when she had the right look. I was pleasantly surprised to see her playing the part with gravitas. I don't know if it's her makeup but she doesn't look right in stills but she's a great fit in action.

  7. The thing I find weird is that morticia barely looks older but wendesday looks 10 years older 😆

  8. No a fan of Gomez or Pugsly here, Everyone else is spot on. The first episode had me not liking Wednesdays emo teen-aged lashing out but that has since grown on me, she kinda had to be that way in order to get the story to work and to see her grow as a character. At least that's what Im hoping only a few episodes in atm.

  9. I told my daughter that I wouldn’t watch. Then she told be Gwen Cristy was in it. I’m watching now.

  10. Catherine Zeta-Jones was perfect for this show. She had so much presence and I could never tell if she was truly this paragon of power or just someone who was supremely confident in herself. Very memorable for a role with comparatively little screen time.

  11. I like how in this version they made pugsley somewhat normal and he just takes all the abuse from his sister lol

  12. Okay, "brings back terrible memories" and "you'll love nevermore". At some point, they seriously got to be consistent and just say "Yes, you'll hate it so much that you forever hold this filthy childcare centre as special place in your dark heart."

  13. Am I the only one disappointed in some of their casting choices? No offense to the guy playing Gomez but that character should be handsome & debonair and that actor is not. I like CZJ but Morticia should also be more striking and fierce and CZJ looks too normal and boring somehow. The cast in the 90's was truly inspiring with Raul Julia and Angelica Huston. Good Wednesday though. Hollywood can't come up with anything new. Keep recycling and rebooting. Meh.

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