MORTAL KOMBAT "Sub-Zero VS Scorpion" Trailer (NEW 2021)

MORTAL KOMBAT “Sub-Zero VS Scorpion” Trailer (NEW 2021) MK Movie
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  1. LIU KANG is badass LIU KANG forever. I am worship the characters of LIU KANG, Kung Lao and Shang Tsung In my opinion they stole the show I adore Jessica Mcnamee like Sonya I love Jessica Mcname's ass they should do a closeup on Jessica Mcname's ass Also for the next film I wish that the characters of Dairou and Kobra appear as they deserve a good opportunity to shine in mk since they have a lot of potential to work and exploit Dairou would be made a classic Japanese samurai as originally thought, I would redesign him with Japanese tattoos with scars of swords and bullets and give him powers based on Japanese demons and anime samurais. Kobra I love that character, his story, his personality, his mentality, his construction I really want to see him again I hope they give Kobra a good chance because really that character has a lot, a lot of potential to exploit and offer to the mk universe Personally, I would give it a design equal to Chuck Norris but more blond and bearded with tanned skin, hairy chest His Kobra Kai karate uniform and his street fighter shoes I left it to him but I would put him on a biker wand with boxer bandages on his forearms and tattoos on his neck and biceps. would make you addicted to violence and fights with out-of-control rages And it would make him Striker's sworn rival and enemy. Characters that were left in the inkwell like Rokuro and Evil Sumó deserve to appear in mk Hope Cole Young is a dlc on mk11.

  2. I am afraid the new mortal kombat sucks period nothing can beat the original still.A failed attempt to recapture the original piece complete crap period what a joke !!!!

  3. В трейлере показали лучшие моменты , три раза прокрутили, остальное нету смысла смотреть .

  4. sub zero dies, kung lao is scorpions relative. sonya blade doesnt have her dragon marking til she kills kano.

  5. I rather watch this trailer over and over for like two hours so I can see what water and fire bending looks like. This trailer alone was better than the entire last airbender movie

  6. I didn't see noob saibot in this trailer. He's my favorite game character in mortal combat when I was a kid.

  7. Самый лучший момент в фильме, когда сабзиро цепь скорпиона ловит