Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – Sept. 23

Hurricane Fiona takes aim at Canada after roaring past Bermuda, thousands across Russia are given draft papers as Russia holds referendums in four Ukrainian regions, and violent protests in Iran continue after the death of a woman in police custody. 

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#HurricaneFiona #Bermuda #Ukraine



  1. This dramatic weather reporting is a safety concern, this needs to be cut out, the one in charge needs to think about that. Thank you.

  2. they have plenty of youtube makeup videos of how a white person can transform into a black person with makeup. some may even use plastic surgery, facial structure bone shaving, etc. this strategy would be used as a infiltration, a way to take over, keep a close eye on things blacks do, or even sabotage something the blacks are involved in.

  3. We MUST do away with the Three Gorges Dam and undam the Yangtze River in China, and reforest the Amazon in order to save our planet.

  4. There are way more college scholarship funds for blacks than whites. White people literally pay more when you average it out.

  5. Not that I'm condoning Alex Jones's comments or beliefs but he is entitled to free speech, and are his comments any less damaging than the minutiae of lies that came out of Trump's mouth during his four years as President. Trump should also be on trial for blatantly spreading false lies, accusations, and misinformation. What's fair, is fair.

  6. ~ Putin regularly contradicts everything he says, the draft is to save Russia, but he really means the draft is to sacrifice Russians for his own notoriety, now that he has gotten bored & old, & wants to go out with a nuclear bang.
    ~ Russians are no fools they won't sacrifice their lives for a lie that is killing alot of innocent people. And they aren't like in the US, willing to lose an arm, a leg, or an eye, for some pendant charm medal that is worthless when it comes to getting their lives back to normal.

  7. Media: FANTASTIC !, Muslim King of Jordan to Hossain Obama Forcing Israel to 9-Miles wide Israel at its center & forget Capital Jerusalem vs. PM Bibi led by WH-Back entry to meet LEGS-ON-TABLE Hossain Obama; Stay alone in the room until you agree. PM Bibi next won more Standing Ovations in US Congress than Hossain Obama. "KING of ISRAEL" {Time Cover) expected win next election is beyond Right-Block-Win. He alone can crash Arabs new crimes via "all-quarrel-all" in election times is Israel's end.

    They neither understand its growing unity nor its army power in facing their newest hostility waves that only unite all on top of destiny, history, singing-dancing-praying together, beyond unique Army education that is partly in response to their failing wars-terrors of the past.

    He is admired by people in and around the world, visited by world leaders, & polls show his clear win in Nov-1 election.

  8. I have a invention to take the power out of the storms looking for investors nondisclosure must be signed

  9. Something they're not mentioning about Peru is China was given rights to mine and gather precious metals and materials out of there basically without regulation they're supposed to regulate themselves something to think about outside the gold situation

  10. Dr. Natalie Azar worried about this diabetic drug being used as a weight loss product but she's not worried about the different covid vaccines that come out every week?? Man this lady is a walking contradiction.

  11. Jones is a horrible person. He has children. He testified in court during a custody trial that he plays a character on his show. But his behavior in this trial is showing that he and the character are the same.

  12. 🇷🇺:"were eliminating the nazis" hmm…sounds exactly like what a nazi would say when they cull innocent people who refused 2 become nazis.

  13. Ah yes, pursue their dreams no mater what…unlimited credit with no obligation to repay it. I'll take some of that😅🤣😂

  14. Yes this why I am asking about me them licensed agent keep ask me questions instead of that momay on my monthly checks Jacques Henri

  15. Please turn to Christ today and never let go. He loves you and He is returning soon. Christ is the only ark of safety for our souls, He died to give us eternal life and everlasting peace.

  16. Putin's army running out of supplies and these young people will be the sacrificial lambs.
    Army is ill supplied for winter warfare. Using uniforms of dead soldiers and Ukrainian uniforms where none exist.
    No heavy coats,blankets, shoes, or tents to keep warm to rest.
    Ammunition from N. Korea maybe +50 years old?

  17. Many in the west support a country that supports their one people even if they are not on their land, however, after the Minsk agreement has been signed by Ukraine and Russia, if countries now refuse to recognize it, its still valid, and now, because it has not been recognized, Russia has all rights to save and support their people. Some nations care more about their people than others. It' obvious.

  18. I hope the cia goes retroactive to explain secret projects, assassinations, and government overthrows they have taken part in.

  19. My dudes…..Puerto Rico is a part of the United States. You really said 80% of "that country's crops" were decimated. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  20. But nobody stops them or goes after the foreign countries benefitting from this horror ….USA and China amongst others.

  21. You have not seen nothing yet.Because this world is doing what we has done and now the question is. Is it to late to do anything about how the world will started to become to doomsday. They will fight for Russia or die by the hands of Putin. Because Putin will enforce the law of Russia. Young man can leaves but the Laws of Russia will find them by their family. The Bear Russia is hungry and it will eat.

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