Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – Nov. 11

As the storm that was Hurricane Nicole moves north, the devastation it left in Florida is coming to light. As Election Day fades away, voting officials in the key states of Nevada and Arizona are still counting ballots. And good news on inflation boosted market trading.

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  1. The vast majority of these posts.. not all….. convince me that the decades-long agenda to completely dumb down the American populace has been achieved.

  2. The only one that can help them is the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles they are above the law what they say is what it is

  3. As per always in this kind of footage you can always tell who had more trees and who had more parking lot based on which houses wash away in these storms its exact math every time. Look at the washed out houses having nothing green mixed with the rest of the debriy right next to a property with thick hedges going on between the house and the shore. A society that ignores the wisdom of trees has this problem. Science of life, all about observation. This video is a great example of this. I hope others have caught on to. We don't need to wash out to see or collapse into the aquifers, we don't need to follow a cult of satan who drills holes in the earth and leaves them open while complaining about a compromise in pressure and that we all must surrender over the gases that follow. Petrolium is not dinosaur bones its magmatic vulcanic gases under pressure with ground water, which makes scientific sense rather then animal bones death does not give us life, life must still live to be alive. The stuff doesn't just run out, but if you don't let the undermantle repressurize, yeah why worry what could possibly go wrong with destabilizing the earths entire crust right! We all know they make too many things out of plastic, but average people have rarely ever had much control of what version of petroleum they have access to since its inception like most other resources the ministries of plenty get their political tentacles on. I'm not against petroleum usage, but people just don't know what it is on either side of the insane debate. People loose jobs as they pretend it can't repressurize. Then they complain because we are concerned when its causing gas fumes that ignite forest fires earth quakes and ground compression! Don't believe me? Try keeping record of Texas land level changes in relation to sea level . CHeck alberta. its nuts. THis is the reason some coast lines are NOT experiencing the same level of sea level rise, some its the opposite. They got people freaking out on ice melting that has been trying to melt over the past two thousand years, when the mantle under their continent is being plundered to sink into the mantle. Babylonians will always think I am crazy, for them all things must be maintained of their mystery to make their backwards ways make sense, the belief that not knowing things protects you from them.

  4. They are calling the election. This does not mean that they have counted the ballots. It is not possible to count the ballots in less than two weeks. A certain and legal does take at least two weeks. The post office delivery system plus the counting of absentee ballots is the least we should allow before we expect concession to an election. An election should not be allowed to be mentioned as over or conceded in less than two weeks. These delusional displays of democracy have to stop.

  5. The ocean level has risen about six feet since 1953 with a five foot storm surge they are seeing 10 feet of tide during the storm. The oceans are rising much more than they are saying and the causes have not been mentioned yet.

  6. I dont know why pfizer is bothering with this vaccine. All the parents are going to be clutching their pearls, all, Im not vaccinating MY baby! Hahaha

  7. Sad that this remarkable tree will be cut down for a 30+ day self-indulgence. This tree could grow for another 200 years and become truly spectacular… Think it's time to reconsider your selfish wants and just use a fake tree. Time we all leave mother nature alone, we've done enough harm

  8. Don't you think if you're going to identify as the United States you should have united election counting laws so all counting in all states completes at the same time. Federal law governs things that effect the whole country, like elections

  9. Re: giving $ away, think it depends on Who or what you trust in re: Blessings in your life…$10,000 seems a lot to me,-guess it has to do w/your needs?

  10. I understand your country identifies as predominantly Christian and you supposedly follow his teachings religiously but he did say "Build your house upon the rock". Those on unstable sand by the sea are having their ignorance to the word of the Lord challenged. Cést le vie.

  11. Healthcare heroes? They are getting pay very well to do a job
    I had encounter very nasty so call heroes

  12. I wouldn't believe a word of this GEORGE SOROS controlled FASCIST STATION!!! 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  13. Inflation rising to 7.7% for 6 months is not a problem. The economy functions better with a little inflation. This is a result of stimulus.

  14. Can't believe floridians keep voting for a climate change denier. I wonder if DeSantis boots are still pristine white.

  15. The Bible tells us what happened when The Wise man built his house on the rock, and the foolish man built his house on the sand.

  16. Trump is so corrupt how can he get a platform to destroy democracy? I’m glad no one on this planet can live for ever we all will pass away some day. Evil will not destroy this country peoples do your research on tue fact and do not listening to a lie.

  17. Those rocket testing from North Korea is the result of all the hurricanes . You’ll notice after those rocket testings those hurricanes buildup

  18. Having a lot of money can be stressful. Protecting it. Worrying about it. Investing it. Your money is not safe.

  19. We need to recruit nurses from the UK. Those nurses aren’t being paid properly. Give them a working visa and an airplane ticket. Pay them properly.

  20. This is sad for parents and their precious children. The Trama. The Stress of having your baby in the hospital.

  21. Raising interest rates doesn’t help the working class and middle class. Why punish these groups while rich fly private planes etc. ?? The Rich keep spending no matter what.

  22. Instead of having one day to vote. We need one week to vote. Stop the long lines. Start counting as soon as they come in. But don’t publish how it’s going.

  23. Florida is sinking. Time to sell and move to higher ground. Houses should be banded. Only hotels allowed to build on ocean fronts.

  24. Insurance should not cover building houses on sand. Infrastructure funds should not help rebuild. Republicans voted against it.

  25. Homes that should never have been built are falling into the ocean! Go figure. That's your smart American for you

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