Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – Nov. 1

The suspect in the attack on Paul Pelosi appears in court, Jewish leaders express concern over a rise of antisemitic content on social media, and candidates in key battleground states make a final push one week ahead of the midterm elections. 

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  1. How can anyone determine if a good old knee cap bashing wasn't a well-deserved act of righteousness? Then the media comes in and makes the guy look like a conspiracy nut…..

    (not specification of my beliefs) but why is the media even establishing a one-sided narrative versus not having a narrative at all?

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  3. เอาเงินใส่บัตรเคดิให้หน่อย

  4. Makes you wonder what outrageous respiratory conspiracies Americans and Fox TV will make up as they watch their children get sick.

    Covid deaths: USA 1,095,490 – UK 193,673 – Canada 46,389 – Australia 15,665 – China 5,226 – New Zealand 3,103 = 831,434.

    Woodward provided evidence that 'Stupid' wanted to wait 106 days to combat Covid so it would be closer to the last election.

    The rest of the world use America as Earth's warning gauge of 'What NOT to do in a pandemic'.

  5. Can NBC explain how the “attacker” of Pelosi’s husband was naked, cameras turned off, and guards? Was he Pelosi’s lover? Stop cover up for him.

  6. It's pretty sad that we as the strongest country in the world I have idiots in the government acting like well idiots since all this crap with Trump all the major weirdos that we should have been worried about more are now coming out of the Woodworks because of trump and all the weirdo conspiracy people

  7. The fake jews are ASHKENAZE are ancient KHAZARIANS converted to JUDAISM around 8th century. They are from (Japheth EUROPE other's are SEPHARDIC from ( moabs) for YASHAWA they art not.

  8. While Taylor Swift is spreading love and joy to all races, Kanye West is spreading hate against the Jewish, the poor, and trashing his own race for getting themselves into slavery.

  9. Just setting back, watching all y'all heading straight to a cliff no matter what side you're on. "When the whole world is running towards a cliff, (s)he who is running in the opposite direction seems to have lost [her] mind." CS Lewis. Yeah, I'm watching the running every direction from the top of a tree I took time to plant 40 years ago.

  10. វាកំពុងនិយាយដាក់ខ្ញុំ

  11. SO THIS illegal person is a Canadian, that is living in the United States illegally, not deported because of the Biden administration, commits a felony,,,if he was deported according to federal law, he would not have been in the United States to commit a crime,,,so our government has laws that are hand picked as to which laws they would enforce. I'm confused ,,,why pass laws if your not going to enforce the laws,,,who decides which laws to enforce for today.

  12. Palestinians have their own government in the West Bank called the Palestinian Authority & the Palestinian's president is Abbas, and Gaza has it's own government called Hamas, their government leader is Ismail Haniyeh. Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza are citizens of the Palestinian territories.. Israeli Arabs who identify as Palestinian are citizens of Israel & have equal rights of other Israelis under basic law. It's not Israel's fault that West Bank & Gaza don't have elections- Fatah & Hamas don't want to lose power. Calling Israel an "apartheid" , is like calling US having an apartheid on Mexico and Canada. Gaza, West Bank, and Israel are all separate states with their own governments, courts, laws, etc.

  13. Clarence Thomas who benefited from affirmative action to get to law school doesn't know what diversity is. Does he know what an Oreo is?

  14. It is a bit odd that the anti semites defend Israel over Palestine, what a peculiar little ole world we live in eh.

  15. Well maybe the Suspect in the Pelosi assault got what he wanted, considering what we've been told about his shabby living conditions. One just really never knows what poverty will do to some people. Nonetheless, Terrible crimes that he committed & truly how dumb to admit what his REAL intent was for Nancy. Not to bright. We need to keep this one locked away for MANY DECADES.


  17. The "Almond Mom" is nothing new. They used to be recognized as just sad slaves to the opinion of others. I was raised by one, and have food issues to this day. If you need to control someone, control YOURSELF! Get HELP for yourself before your children need to see a therapist.

  18. So HOW MANY vaccines are they pumping into kids these days? Was there no RSV 60 years ago?
    Just less M$M

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