Moonshine Highway | FULL MOVIE | Action | Kyle MacLachlan, Randy Quaid

A crooked sheriff hires a stockcar racer to chase a moonshine smuggler in 1950s Tennessee.

Kyle MacLachlan
Randy Quaid
Maria del Mar
Alex Carter
Gary Farmer
Jeremy Ratchford
Leslie Carlson

Directed by Andy Armstrong


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  1. Trash cop seems to be a woman beater 😮

    Moonshine is the thing of the past when today in 2022 it’s the biggest money maker in the store 🏬 😅

  2. Nothing like a real V8 growling just saying especially with the four meshed sitting on top ahhhhhhh grey beard here 🙂 Great movie indeed enough said tk for the upload

  3. It's got that Smokey and the Bandit
    The kind of thing Burt Reynolds
    and Hal Needham used to do a lot.

  4. you see funny cop cars in these retro movies , often even nash ramblers , but this is the first packard i've ever seen

  5. The beginning music skeered the bejeevers out of me…the way it SUDDENLY started 😂🤣😂loved it…found my bejeevers again thank you 🤣😂🤣

  6. 👍👌👏 Great movie, great cast! Thanks a lot for uploading and sharing.
    Best regards luck and health.

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