Moon Temple Defenders' Themed Update! | MARVEL Future Fight

The MARVEL Future Fight v870 update is here! The legendary Warriors of the Sky and Miles Morales are leveling up and preparing for battle. Will you join the fight?

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Download Moon Temple Defenders' Themed Update! | MARVEL Future Fight Here


  1. Hey MCU people, since phase 6 is not completely finished planning yet, I suggest a Warriors of the sky tv show or movie, it could be called Warriors of The Sky and Warriors of The Sky 2 – Moon Temple Defenders. Since it is a MFF original team of superheros, I think many people would like them and brings up a lot of opportunities. They could introduce them in Kang Dynasty final scene or the key to secret wars as well!

  2. Hey marvel entertainment can you make a movie to bring tony stark and black widow back alive you know how if someone gave to docter strange the time stone and docter strange knows that he has the space stone you can go back in avengers endgame and bring hes soul back with the soul stone and rewind with the time stone put tony stark back together and make a portal and go in and say stop to thanos and if he stops bring the soul stone back to red skull and bring black widow and gamora back to life and put captain America to be normal like as they did by ant man

  3. Making money is an action. Keeping money is a behavior, but "Growing money is wisdom" I heard this from someone

  4. Marvel Future Fight is so underrated. Wish it'd get more recognition and posts on this channel

  5. Tell Hawkeye to be tough but not to act too tough. I can see him trying to be funny so people don't feel so bad. I'm gonna be shooting a lot of arrows in his honor on my WoW character. Tears in eyes.

  6. Come to ur daddy baby…when talking about mff nothing can't stop me…except u know wht I mean🤫

  7. The character sucks to be honest, but congrats of everything else out of the game and hope everythign goes well with jeremmy or whatever

  8. Marvel super war, a game i can't play cause i'm in america, gave something to my girl Luna. And future fight gives us…


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