MH370: The Plane That Disappeared | Official Trailer | Netflix

On March 8th, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared from radar. When the 239 people on board went missing, a global investigation into the greatest mystery of the modern age ensued. Despite official reports, countless theories, and tireless searches for evidence, one central question remained – What Are We Missing?

MH370: The Flight That Disappeared is Only on Netflix March 8th.


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MH370: The Plane That Disappeared | Official Trailer | Netflix

In 2014, a plane with 239 people aboard vanishes from all radar. This docuseries delves into one of our greatest modern mysteries: Flight MH370.



  1. Who is this Jeff guy! He started the conspiracy theories and then changed his mind a few times. The people need facts not “I think”!! I also think he likes the limelight

  2. This documentary left me with more questions than anything…


  3. This series is a bunch of conspiracy theories spun together for Netflix/Money Don't bother.

  4. Do you know that there is another flight of PIA PK-404 took off on 27th August,1989 it's been 34 years and that flight never came back😢

  5. So is all the "debris" that washed up in South Africa and Madagascar phony? So the guy that found the pieces on the beaches is lying? What is going on here? I don't trust anyone anymore.

  6. Nobody was served well by this awful junk – Evil fantasy taking advantage of the pain and suffering of others. A skeleton of basic facts embellished with ignorant nonsense..

  7. I saw the series but honestly it just shows they are just a bunch on conspiracy theories based on little to no evidence. If I were to put an opinion I would say there was some sort of mechanical or electrical failure that may have disrupted the communication. The pilots didnt know what is going on and tried to follow protocol and turn around to land back at their departure airport in Kuala lumpour or they could have remained on course trying to fix the problem. However they got lost and fuel became low as their instruments were not working properly. You don't need to create an elaborate theory of the Russians, Americans, Chinese or the pilots were committing suicide. When the accident happened the failure theory was the most reasonable theory to myself and many others including people in the aviation industry. When I consulted several pilots they even confirmed this is the most likely scenario however without the flight data recorder / black box you are essentially in the dark but no one in the history of aviation would believe in any of the theories in the documentary because they honestly don't know anything about the industry. I was hoping this documentary could of shed some light on the various instruments that are on the plane and could have explained different types of mechanical, electrical, communications failure and how that would correspond to what we know. The main challenge for investigators is we don't know the exact location of the crash site. Since we don't have this information than time is critical because if you don't find the crash site on time the harder it will be to locate the plane and especially the flight data recorder. The first week after the crash is the most critical, once that window is gone it is extremely hard (if not impossible ) to find any evidence. When you don't have enough evidence people like those in the documentary want to make money from these conspiracy theories rather than being respectful towards the people who were effected by this tragedy. This documentary should not have happened

  8. I was 16 and literally was going on plane 6 days later and flying at the time made everyone so scared

  9. 9th Anniversary, and next year is its 10th. It's a very hard pain that is felt way more than Amelia Earhart. May the souls who have lost in that flight, rest in peace. May God bless them and their families.

  10. This was absolutely disgraceful, an insult to everyone who died. Baseless and unsupported conspiracy theories from absolute nobodies.

  11. This was waste of time and terrible documentary. Episode 1 was decent but other two is just crazy conspiracy and random lady in florida who thinks shes smarter then she really is.

  12. Watched this heart breaking 💔 for these familys so sad I hate governments their all f@cking scum bags the enemy of humanity.

  13. What if the people a live what if it’s a trap what if it’s the pilot behind it what can it be

  14. What a load of conspiracy fuelling nonsense this entire show was.

    I was invested in it right up until midway through the second episode when the French farther claimed he “met someone high up in the secret service that told him the Americans knew what had happened to the flight and were withholding information” from there it just continued to spiral further down the rabbit hole.

    I understand for some of these people it’s difficult to come to terms with the fact that their families and loved ones have perished and they’ll never truly have closure, but to disrespect their memory by falling into a conspiracy pipeline, willingly overlooking very irrefutable evidence of what actually happened, is disgusting and deplorable.

    Not surprised that Netflix has pumped this load of garbage out, same with the recent Graham Handcock series (that he only landed due to his son being an exc at Netflix) that is now being Loveling and factually debunked over on the, Miniminuteman channel here on YouTube.

  15. I watched one episode of this series and it made me very angry. The series is only here to fuel conspiracy theories surrounding the flight rather than finding out what really happened.

    It's so sad for the families that their suffering has been reduced to people trying to make a name for themselves on this documentary that their 'theory' is correct.

  16. Condolences to all affected.

    Netflix made a really poorly constructed documentary, which gave air time to some conspiracy nits that kept sensationalising, back tracking, who got their journo degree from the back of cereal packets.

    What a rubbish, often repeated, dragged on for 3 episodes, pointless waste of time. Netflix got too much money and not enough brains.

  17. Ep2 of this documentary, the american reporter says that 3 Russians were on the plane.
    But if you go to Wikipedia ( Trusted information ) it only says that there was 1 Russian on that plane, so who is right?
    Nothing seems to be right.

  18. You idiots! It was proven that Ukraine Ukraine shoot down the plane in Ukraine not Russia. You propaganda hating small poisonest people. Fuuujjjjj 🤮🤮🤮

  19. Those that care a single iota about the truth of MH370- must continue to fight for the truth. After studying this tragedy for 9 years – I have come to the conclusion that most likely the plane was shot down over the north east coast of Vietnam, by an American missile.

    We MUST get to the truth!!

  20. I have also heard that that the flight recorder was saying some coded massage to someone

  21. How malaysia is handling Sabah is just like the disapearance of MH370 l. Bring back to Philippines!

  22. Grt doc….all theories covered….
    The most convincing seems to be is of AWACS…..US investigating from behind, Australian Searching n INMARSET of Britain providing info….grt team work….👏👏👏👏

    Totally ignoring South China Sea….where debri was seen in satellite images, by a Cathay Pacific pilot n local people….

  23. This is so sad hope they've done everything possible to find that plane and everyone on it including using sonar equipment we've satallites out there and can't trace a plane missing persons etc 😢

  24. They are probably being used for science. They don’t just disappear. I don’t believe it.

  25. Trash documentary. It tries to blur the fact that the Pilot Zaharie did the mass murder suicide.

  26. Can’t believe how the government just ended this case ‘only’ based on mathematical evidence without actually investigating the case with physical proofs. They really should’ve done something more to find the plane…

  27. The American journalist, Jeff, is full of horse crap unreliable, Hollywood-like theories. Should start a career in writing films ey, Jeff? Russians are at war with Ukraine and coincidentally in the second episode, kind of sounds like a propaganda aerating the flame with Jeff’s flammable and fictional speculations. No countries on earth could be as OPSEC as the Americans. A country with tremendous capability of safeguarding their secrets.

    Anyway, deep condolences to those who have yielded great despair over such horrible incident.

  28. Insane how everyone ignored the woman who found all that debris in the south China sea, and how everyone ignored the suspicious cargo delivered under escort with no inspection. Indeed the only one person closest to the truth was the reporter Florence. The US military was certainly involved. Then the documentary was more of a fight for who had the correct theory than caring about the families. So much ego involved what a shame.

  29. Watched the special and was disappointed Netflix would entertain crazy theories, and pure speculation knowing the pain that would likely cause the passenger’s families. You could see how upset some of the families were at the media
    Recording their painful loss of family. To use that footage is just wrong. I felt anger when they debunked the theories with evidence later in the show.

    And providing detail on how a flight can be controlled using the planes, electronics outside of the cockpit was irresponsible. Now every crazy who watches the show has information on how to cause chaos for a flight without entering the cockpit.

    I get that Netflix is a business and they need to find sensationalist topics to attract viewers. But this one is a bit different IMO and crossed a line.

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